Monday, October 28, 2013

5 weeks already?

It's time for a post baby update!

I attempted this post at 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks and never got passed the first sentence above.  I am hoping I can get to actually post this before year end!

Right from the get go (after the first few days home), I found I had an extraordinary amount of energy, in fact I was ready to start new challenges and was quickly trying to get into headstands just to see how it felt by the second postpartum week.  Perhaps it was the adrenaline and busy schedule that kept me buzzing about the first week (we went from the hospital straight to the soccer field!).   After holding and cuddling with my baby boy day after day while being home alone with him, it made me...well, lazy.  Even after he was changed and fed, I couldn't bear setting him down so that I can get other tasks done.  I had so many projects that I wanted to accomplish while being home and yet, 5 weeks in and I haven't done any of them.  I can barely keep up with the regular chores.  I have absolutely no guilt about it too!  :)

I know all too well that in no time, I will be back at work and the wheels of life will start turning quickly again where I won't have this one on one time with my little guy.  Before I know it, he won't be cuddle size anymore. :(  It's time that I just won't get back and being he's the LAST baby, well, I feel extra indulgent.

I have been extraordinarily lucky not only to have a fantastic pregnancy but also a great post delivery recovery.  It appears that I have bounced back to my normal body (from what I hear all the time) because my tummy has pretty much flattened out (maybe that ab challenge was helpful!) but I know all too well that the true test of the "bounce back" is whether you fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.  ...and that's a negative. Anything that doesn't have give in the fabric, doesn't fit.  Those slacks and pencil skirts are a far cry from going over my hips but thank goodness for running pants and skinny jeans!

I haven't been a complete couch potato though...I still have those other 3 kids that keep me on the go.  I love being home when the bus drops them off and helping them with homework questions and school projects as well as picking up the car pool for their activities.  These are tasks that along with hanging out with baby, I will miss terribly in a couple of months.  (not gonna cry...move on, move on)

We are fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood that has the best of suburban life within the city. I love that I can walk to my daughter's daycare with the baby and take a few laps at the park and then continue to walk over to the soccer field to pick up or drop off the big kids for practice from home.  I am trying to get a walk in daily to one or more of these things and in the last couple of weeks have kicked up the heels and started running too.  It's seems almost a gift that the weather is in the "near perfect" zone (unusual in Houston where's it usually terribly hot & muggy).

At first, I walked half a mile and would up the running from .5mile to .80 to 1 and so on.  The walks in between are helpful but I can feel how much I've lost.  My feet feel like concrete blocks.  I can't believe how much effort it takes to run the shortest of distances!  In addition to walking and/or running 2-3 miles around the neighborhood, I am easing back into yoga.  I started off with stretching and to get me into a solid workout, I am working on doing the P90X Yoga DVD.  I have managed to do the whole thing which I am quite proud of.  I spent the hour and half of the DVD realizing how much strength I'd lost in the last couple of months!  I broke a sweat doing was use to be the easiest of poses!

I am finding ways to stay healthy and fit post pregnancy, slowly but surely.  I am thankful that the crazy sweet tooth I developed in the first weeks is starting to taper off.  I was getting concerned...every baked good, piece of candy or dessert that came through the door got devoured (by me!).  I have continued on the smoothie kick mostly because my sweet husband gave me a Vitamix. The thing is amazing & I can't do him wrong and let it gather dust, so I pretty much have a daily smoothis at least 5 days a week. 

Though I am in no hurry, I am looking to devise a schedule that can work best while still at home that can transition for me when I get back to work.  Nothing is fool proof (or predictable with a big active family) but I've been known to roll with the punches.  I am gearing up for my 6 week ob check up at the end of this week where I will get the all clear to get back to my "normal" activities and take a peak at what the scale has to say.  I weighed in at 160 on my last ob appt (the day before I delivered) and I know from sneaking on the scale at the pediatrician's office that a huge amount of the weight is already gone.  Because I'm nursing, I know that I have "extra" weight upstairs so the comparison from pre-baby won't be apples to apples but it will give me a general idea of where I am at.

So....this is my last week to slack off!  Kidding,  actually it'll be time to set some fitness goals.

My good friend is sending me race links semi-weekly..."how does the Diva Half sound?"...or "what about the Du at Enchanted Rock?" or "10k in the spring, Half in the wine country, Tri over Mother's Day???" All of which I'm excited to do but also realistic in knowing that I am physically not even close to being ready (especially for a Du in November!).  I want to pick and choose things that I can properly train for so I don't beat myself up about it (physically and mentally).  It's too easy to overcommit and then not get any of it done.  I also know that signing up for races is the best way to stay honest with working out and give me something to look forward to.  

Just this past weekend we did our first family 5k as a family of 6.  When I signed up, I figured this was the kind of run that is mostly for fun, especially the kids.  And, I was totally right! The Color Run is something that I can see doing annually just for the fun of it.  We all had a great time and I happy to say that I ran a good bit of the way along the toughest part of the course...over and back high bridges (which is also part of the Houston Marathon Course).

I will think about these goals this week and also a game plan on how to get on a regular workout schedule.  I hope to start posting updates regularly to keep me in shape too! (Pun intended!)

Stay tuned!