Friday, April 29, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Fit Mom

Sure, a nice handbag or designer shoes is really nice.  Really, really nice.  But, for us busy-trying-to-stay-fit-and-doing-it-all moms, getting fun gear that we can use everyday to keep the motivation going is not only nice, it's helpful too!

Here's a quick guide of things to help you put a smile on that fit mom in your life.  In compiling this list, I realized that I have my own wishlist of things and that this template is just not big enough!  Haha.

Other things to consider:  gym memberships, classes at your local Yoga or Spin studio or you can go ALL out and redo that extra garage into an awesome home gym.  (Cough, cough...hint, hint.)  :D

Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Fit Mom

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Avocado Pit Smoothie

My friend @stilettotopedal sent me an article on the benefits of the Avocado Pit/Seed (here) .  Aside it being considered a #Superfood packed with the daily required dose of #fiber and #antioxidants (more than in the entire avocado!), there’s a laundry list of reasons on why we should consume them rather than pitch them.  Here’s a few:

-         - Reduce GI tract swelling
-         - Prevent/relieve constipation
-         - Contains cancer fighting antioxidant, Flavonol
-         - Strengthen immunities
-         - Rebuilds collagen under the skin (whaaaa? #yesplease)
-         - Reduces body aches

I made a post-yoga smoothie this morning to give it a try.  Here is what I included:

1 Avocado pit included
2 bananas (they were starting to turn, save the bananas!!)
Frozen Pineapple
1 Cube of Fresh Ginger
½ sliced Cucumber
Almond Butter
Coconut Milk

The results as you can see were a of a thick consistency smoothie that was rich and filling (and delicious).  It made enough so that I have my smoothie ready for tomorrow morning too.  J  

*I didn’t taste the seed…I think my #Vitamix does a good job of breaking it up.  If you don’t have a mixer like that, you can put the seed in a baggie and smash it before blending it in.

Let me know if you try it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2nd qtr 2016 fitness goals defined

I've been noodling about this since my last post.  Before the days and month get away from me, I know I need to be a little more decisive about my goal. The sooner I do that, the sooner I can also define a reward!  Ha!

I decided to take dreaded pics of myself so that I can SEE the areas that I want to focus on and target to change.  I've mentioned (on IG @fullhouseofroyals) my cellulite that has creeped onto the outside of my thighs (and my butt too) and I just cannot.  CANNOT. DEAL.  Ugh.  What is this gross thing? Actually, I know what it is.  The bigger question is WHYYYY????  What horrible punishment for slacking off!

In any event, I am aware that there is no potion, lotion, scrub or cream that will buff it away.  I know that burning the fat layer and building the muscle underneath is the only way.  How's that for getting to the point?  I saved you oodles of time googling and watching ridiculous long youtube videos explaining the same in only two sentences.  You're welcome.

The pictures don't lie.  And no, you won't be seeing them.  I can barely look at them.  The true test was putting on that cute bikini that I totally rocked just last Summer.  WHAT. IN. THE. HELL???  It's like a completely different bottom half of my body!  So, there is my answer.  Boom.

The goal:  Eradicate said cellulite and get a tight, smooth butt.  I don't think a quarter is enough though.  13 weeks?  Eh.  I have looked at before and after "body transformation" photos.  It can be done (unless those pics have been photoshopped to high heaven).  I will never know unless I stop, drop and squat.  A lot.

The plan:  Not sure yet.  I will research this and find one but in the meantime, I will make sure to find glute/leg workouts on pinterest or youtube.  I have an office gym with a pretty good amount of equipment that I will have to teach myself to work with, a membership at a great gym that has every machine imaginable and I will continue to attend my Kickbox class, cycling and running for cardio (fat burning).

The reward:  The beach!  Courtesy of the hubby.  When we had this conversation and I showed him the pics and blew them up.  Oh, yes I did.  Yikes.  I said "no denying, honey...THAT has GOT TO GO"  So, before you wonder why I am insisting to go to the gym again, go for a late run or start randomly squatting before jumping in the shower, you know it's because of THAT.  He suggested a trip to the beach as a reward.  I am not about to turn that down and I am not about to take THIS out in a bikini anytime soon's set.

Bonus:  For April, I started a 30 day arm challenge I saw on Instagram put on by Fitness Magazine. I'm 4 days in and I already know it's going to be tougher than I thought.  I'll also be incorporating abs heavily into the mix and watching my nutritional intake take too.  So no worries, I won't be neglecting the rest of my body.  :)

Details to follow!  Come back and if you follow along and my booty starts making obvious improvements, I would consider posting my very own before and after.  But only then.

Happy Glutes Day! I mean, Tuesday! ;)


Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 1st Quarter Activity Review

In the beginning, it was about finding motivation to do anything after a 3-4 month hiatus. Then, it turned into running myself into a race. Then, it turned into recovering from an injury to still run the race. Then, it turned into staying active every. single. day. So, I did all those things. I rewarded myself with a fitness gadget after I completed a good quarter year of staying on the move. Better than cake, right?! 

So now what? Well, I have to use the gadget I got so staying on track is obvious. I've thought about returning to aerial yoga and triathlon. Getting in the pool after being out of it since...August? is a bit daunting though because swimming has never been a forte. I'm really loving kickboxing, strike, kenpo type classes. My son was watching me the other night and told me a robber wouldn't stand a chance against me. Ha! So sweet! But I need more. 

I have an issue with a spot of cellulite that has popped up on my outer thigh during the hiatus period. Seriously, it wasn't there before! Ugh! And...the mid section needs some serious toning and tightening, for sure. I'll work on those things and overall toning while I think of something more concrete. 

I started late in tracking all this but once I got it going, I updated almost daily.  If you've got nothing to do, take a's quite the potpourri. :)


January 1 - 3.05 mile run loop at Memorial with Michael
January 2 - 3.15 mile track run with Michael, squats and lunges across track (twisted ankle)
January 3 - Billy Blanks abs boot camp plus 1 min plank and 1.1 mile jog
January 4 - Glutes/Legs + 2.13 mi run with JC
January 5 - P90X Back & Biceps + 2.01 mi run with Michael
January 6 - P90X3 Yoga, 1 mile walk
January 7 - Rest Day
January 8 - 3.1 mi run
January 9 - weed pulling & bush trimming
January 10 - no workout
January 11 - 3.11 mi run
January 12 - no workout
January 13 - 3.18 mi run + 7 min abs + plank
January 14 - 4.06 mi run + Shoulders and Arms, plank
January 15 - Run 3.11
January 16 - P90X3 Warrior
January 17 - 8.01 mile run! (Marathon Day)
January 18 - P90X Chest & Back + 3.01 mi run (signed up for Woodlands Half)
January 19 - P90X3 Dynamix + 2 mi run
January 20 - 4.03 mi run + 20min of P90X Shoulders/Arms + Abripper
January 21 - P90X Yoga with Michael
January 22 - 5.26 mi run + plank
January 23 - Bike ride with Joncarlo 10.16 miles
January 24 - Long run with Doan (6 + walk 1.6) Ankle flaired...limped back. :(
January 25 - P90X3 Pilates - Injured
January 26 - no recollection :/
January 27 - P90X partial
January 28 - 1 hour trainer
January 29 - 45 min trainer
January 30 - 35 min trainer
January 31 - 30 min trainer


Feb 1 - Nike Training Club
Feb 2 - Trainer
Feb 3 - 50 min trainer, 2 min plank + Tone it video + freestyle weights
Feb 4 -  Dinner out
Feb 5 - 30 min trainer
Feb 6 - out of town
Feb 7 - 40 min trainer (back in town from soccer tourney)
Feb 8 M traveling
Feb 9 GNO
Feb 10 M traveling
Feb 11 30 min trainer, Alpha Abs NTC
Feb 12 M traveling
Feb 13 Golf tourney/Bday party
Feb 14 LOV Bday party
Feb 15 47 min trainer, 2 min plank, arm weights
Feb 16 First run post injury!  + plank 4.10 (shoe lights)
Feb 17 - 4.06 run, 2.1 plank
Feb 18 - outpatient Surgery
Feb 19 - 4.01 run + handstand
Feb 20 - ?
Feb 21 - Long run with Doan - 9.01
Feb 22 - 54 min  bike trainer, 2:30 plank
Feb 23 - 6.20 miles
Feb 24 - Birthday break
Feb 25 - 6.05
Feb 26 - Rest?
Feb 27 - Busy Golf Day (terrible nutrition and hydration)
Feb 28 - Long run with Doan 11 miles! (Foam roll, stretch)
Feb 29 -?


1 50 min indoor trainer, 2 min plank 180+ crunches
2 4.45 miles (HORRIBLE)
3 stretch, foam roll
4 stretch
5 Woodlands Half Marathon! 2:14:45
6 rest day
7 Workout at office gym arms, legs
8 3 miles on TM at work with Squats/Lunges
9 52 min on bike trainer, some abs from abripper and practice headstand for #headstandmadness2016
10 5 mile run + headstand Day 1 headstandmadness2016
11 11.5 m bike + headstand day 2
12 Strike at lifetime + headstand
13 9 mile run + SallyUp Plank 3:30😳
14 SB walk course on tournament day
15 SB plants, yard, sweep, etc
16 SB ditto
17 SB Lifetime Yoga + 2.3 mile run
18 SB P90X3 Yoga
19 TCX at lifetime
20 walk golf course
21 indoor cycle 1 hr + rows, push-ups, short yoga sequence
22 5.1 run
23 17 min toneitup + SallyUp
24 no workout ?
25 no workout, work on holiday boo
26 85 min strike
27 P90X3 MMX + 3 Volleyball games
28 P90X3 Warrior + Brazilian Butt workout + a few tricep exercises
29 Triceps at office AutumnCalabrese YouTube
30 migraine...few arm sets :/
31 5 miles + Sally up :)

My reward: Fitbit Blaze

Adios quarter 1 & hello quarter 2. 

Happy Aprils Fools!!