Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Everything but the kitchen sink update.

Consistent, I am not.  I guess I've taken to microblogging after all.  I remember trying Tumblr and I just never got the hang of it.  Instagram is more my jam.  Lol.

So, if you want to see daily updates on my fitlife journey, go check them out there. @fullhouseofroyals 

For those of you who come here often, thanks! And...sorry, for being MIA.

Here's a quick update on what's up since my last post (25 days til that Half Marathon that happened almost 2 months ago, whoops)

Well, 4 days after that post, I went on a long training run (14 miles).  Something felt "off" but I figured it was something that would shake off as the miles went on.  Long story short, it didn't and I injured myself by continuing. I'd give the details of the injury except, here we are almost 3 months later and I am still dealing with it and STILL uncertain of exactly what the heck it is.

It's basically hamstring/glute/sciatica with a sprinkle of foot pain and a whole lot of biomechanical problems.  I've been to an ortho, chiropractor, had knee and lower back xrays and even a knee MRI along with stem therapy, ice therapy, cryotherapy, massage therapy, stretching, physical therapy and finally active release technique therapy which seems to be aggressively working each annoying area. There has been improvement, but ever so slight. 2 1 milers is all I have run since the half marathon.

Oh, yea.  The half marathon.  I'll have to get around to writing a race report on that. But the gist is that I stopped running cold turkey after that training run.  Not really by choice.  I just could. not. run. The shooting pain in my leg with every step was ridiculous.  But, it was a destination race.  Flights were bought, hotel was reserved AND my friend/coach signed up and was coming to run the full marathon too.  I was definitely going to Miami!!

My attitude was always that I would show up.  I was uncertain if I'd even participate but I would be THERE.  Going to packet pick up and seeing the excitement around the race area (our hotel was a few blocks away), I knew that I WOULD participate.  I planned to walk it with as much strength I could and hoped that walking for that long wouldn't be utterly painful.

I showed up.  I walked with the rest of my corral up to the starting mat and then I ran.  I ran and ran and never stopped until I crossed the finish line.  And I knew that when I stopped, the pain would be rushing in.  And I was right.  I got a PR, an awesome medal and some amazing appreciation for my life and all that is in it.  Deep, I know, but it was truly a mind over matter race and I had all the feels.

I hobbled profusely for a couple of weeks after.  I could barely walk.  Followed by all the therapies I mentioned above in 2+ months time, I have run 2 1 milers, like I said.  The most recent, YESTERDAY.

We are still working through it and I am told I need to lay off glute exercises for the time being to let things just calm down.

I suspect that doing a 40 day yoga challenge (5 days a week of intense yoga practice) while maintaining a weight training, spin (we got a peloton!) and pilates regimen didn't help in calming things down.  Meh.  It's too hard to remain idle.

Oh yea, we also created a home gym.  This is also worthy of it's own post which I will share soon when it is finally done.  The joys of dealing with home renovation contractors.  Haha.

So that's a wrap. I've rambled long enough.  So here's a funny pic as a reward if you are still here.

Thanks for stopping by!  Updates on the gym, Miami Marathon race report and 2017 Goals update soon!

Happy hump day.