Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week sum it up

One big fat goose egg. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada de nada. 

Need I say more?

Ok, I will. I didn't have time or energy and even if I had a five minutes for some squats or a plank, I just didn't feel like it. I gave in to the pleasure of doing nothing in the fitness department. 

I felt guilt up until Thursday and then I decided I was ok with going a solid week with no exercise. Perhaps I was ok with it because there were so many other important things happening. 

It was a tough week complete with work all nighters, school open houses, met ambitious self set work deadlines, sick children, doctors appointments, a soccer tournament, a baby shower, moving of in laws, school shopping and a partridge in a pear tree. 

There's much more but thinking about it wears me out. More. 

Hopefully the first week of school will be good to us despite some new changes this year. 

Week we come. It's a roll of the dice how this one is going to end up. 

Hope yours runs smoothly and you can keep active and moving!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brace yourself for a grueling Week 33 update

NOT.  ...more like practically nonexistent.

Sometimes schedules and energies must be on polar opposites to make things happen for me.  Schedule is tight but energy high?  I FIND a way to make it happen.  Schedule wide open but no energy? The guilt of having the time makes it happen.  Schedule tight, energy low? Doomed.  It's not gonna happen. That's week 33 in a nutshell (and by the looks of week 34, it too).

M - 110 squats, 1:16 plank, 3 yoga challenges
T - 2mi walk, 115 squats, 1:15 plank, 2 yoga challenges
W - off - M's bday
TH - Aerial Tone, 120 squats, 2 yoga challenge poses
F - 125 squats
S - off - Staycation at Resort
S - 4.2 mi run/125 squats, 1:15 plank, 1 yoga challenge

Perhaps a surge of energy will come this week (34) because the schedule is not looking so good with all the back to school activities, doctors appointments and an overwhelming workload (for both of us) to make this a more active week than last.  It's not looking so good though...wish me luck!

Hope you have better luck getting out there!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

32 weeks - 8 months!

I'm 8 months pregnant.  That just blows my mind.  I can't believe it's gone by so fast and I can't believe it doesn't feel like it.  I miss my non-pregnant body and fitting into all my clothes but for the most part, I feel pretty darn good.

The schedule was a bit out of whack again but I managed to stay active all week.  The 30 day challenges admittedly are what keep me on track the most.  I don't want to fall behind so they motivate me to squat, plank and pose even in the last hour of the day.  And in many cases, they are my only exercise when I can't get a full blown workout in.

This is how the week went down:

M - 75 squats
T - 80 Squats and Yogratitude Yoga challenge pose for Day 6 & Day 5 Challenge pose for the #30dayyogachallenge - Had a late burst of energy and did P90X KenpoX DVD - great workout!
W - 85 squats w weights for arm exercises, 1:15 plank, Days 6 & 7 of 30Day Challange poses and Days 7 & 8 of Yogratitude challenge poses.
Th - Son's birthday dinner - still managed 90 squats and 1:15 plank before bed (and after ice cream!)
F - 95 squats, 1:15 plank, Days 8&9 of 30 day challenge poses and Days 9 & 10 of Yogratitude poses
S - 1600M Masters Swim (had to get at least one swim in!), 100 squats, day 10 30day challenge pose
S - 2mi walk, 105 squats, 1:30 plank and Day 11 Yogratitude and 30Day Challenge yoga pose

I realize that these updates are getting monotonous but they really motivate me to keep moving and stay active.  By keeping a running tally of what I do (or don't do), I can easily track my activity levels and compare them to how I feel.  The whole reason why I started this blog was to serve as a reminder to myself and to those who always ask, "how did you stay fit while pregnant" or "how did you get back into shape after baby?" It has become more and more apparent to me that people find it very easy to give someone grief for being in shape, however.

Just this Saturday, a fellow female swimmer actually splashed me when she learned I was 33 weeks along.   This very same person that I was sharing a lane with the entire time had no idea I was pregnant until I got out of the pool and the coach told her how far along I was.  She made a snarky comment about how it must be my first...and when learning that it was actually my fourth, proceeded to splash me and tell me that it wasn't fair.  Um.  Ok.  Granted, I have a longer torso and I'm taller than average so genetically, speaking, pregnancy "fits" me differently than most women.  HOWEVER, if you've read this blog for any number of posts, you would also know that I don't sit on my laurels either.  I put in the work so that I can reap the rewards.  Those rewards to me are feeling strong, building muscle, having energy, being healthy, feeling great about myself and giving me the confidence to know that post pregnancy, I will have the stamina to bounce back and manage both my job and growing family...not to mention that I am also setting a positive, healthy example for my family in making these choices a priority.

It's taken three days to for me to actually publish this post.  So many words I've wanted to say but have decided that less is more.  Do the right thing and everything rights itself.

Namaste and happy hump day (and birthday to my amazing husband and best friend!)


Monday, August 5, 2013

31 Weeks - this is happening a little fast, no?

It was a roller coaster week in pregnantville. My usual happy go lucky self felt at times like Violet in the movie Charlie's Chocolate Factory...ready to POP!  I have been pretty nonchalant about what I've been eating because I have never over done it and I felt my portions were a good size.  I quickly ruled out food because of that and also because the incredible amount of discomfort and even PAIN I was in.  I was absolutely miserable.  I couldn't touch my belly and quite frankly, neither could the waistband of my skirts, shorts or pants!  My initial thought was that it was just that "late" in the game where I would be big and miserable.  But oh my was awful!  I could barely sit at my desk it was so bad.  This is my fourth baby and I don't recall this happening to me before.  I don't remember being this miserable at 7.5 months at all.  And all this discomfort and pain is after I was already home sick on Monday from what I would self-diagnose as dehydration and exhaustion!  Bleh!

I managed to consult Dr. Google after my husband noted that it was probably something that I ate to see if that REALLY can make you hurt the way this was making me.  ...and he was right.  I learned a lot about how Progesterone sloooooooows down your digestive track and gases can trapped in your body causing incredible pain.  Ahh!! What???  NOOOOOOO!!!  That was my first reaction.  My second reaction was...let's fix this NOW.  It took me a few days but I stocked up on all the "right" fuel and things that were not going to slow me down or blow me up for that matter.  

My husband, again, skeptical of what all I was throwing in the blender thought I'd be causing myself more harm than good.  He always wants me to call the doctor and run and see her (but I'm seeing her on Monday!) Anyway, my research paid off and now I can sit here and type without feeling like I'm going to explode.  Or cry.  I'm hoping that week is behind me because "ain't got time for that"! Haha!

Here's the wrap up on this yucky week.  

M sick :( - I'm guessing the road trip, water slides and being in the sun all weekend far outweighed the amount of water I took in and rest I needed.  I was less than stellar come Monday morning.  I was out of my comfort zone but got my rest in and my bed time, I had enough in me to get my 45 squats in for the squat challenge!

T Felt fine but had a social night off with friends and our big kids at a concert. :)

W THIS is the day.  It started great.  I went to Aerial Tone at lunch and went home to catch up on and practice on days 29, 30 & 31 of the Yogangsters yoga challenge to finalize the month of July.  While I was there and warmed up, I got my 50 squats in too. When I got back to work after lunch....that's when all hell broke loose.  So glad I got those workouts in BEFORE! By late evening, I decided that since yoga is mentioned so often as being something that helps alleviate my symptoms, I decided to go ahead and stand on my head.  Yea, I know. Call me crazy but you know what?  It worked so don't knock it til...I managed a few challenge poses and hoped that shaking my body up was what I needed.

Th A better day but was very paranoid about everything I consumed.  Swimming and yoga helped.  Honest.
1700M swim, 55 squats,1:15 plank, Day 2 Yoga Challenge - #Yogratitude
Had a great break through at swim that I had to share here!

F 60 squats

S 65 squats 1:07 plank swim 1600M
800wu (1st 50 w/o snorkel) HARD! :/
10 x 25 @ 3,5,6 
150 25 alt kick/pull
200 free
200 snorkel free!! (baby steps)

S 70 squats 1:30 plank
Yoga Days 1-4 Growsoulbeautiful Challenge
Day 4 Yogratitude and Day 4 30dayyogachallenge
Saw the Day 5 challenge in the evening and it scared me off but I thought I'd try regardless.  This is never good because I just don't let up until I at least get close.  I did and it's done. Next! :)

All in all, not a bad week all things considered.  32 weeks is here and a check up to see how little muffin is doing is just a few hours away.  I just read that I should be gaining a pound a week right about now going straight to the baby and just how much room that guy is going to start taking up causing things like shortness of breath and heartburn.  Lovely! No worries, here though.  I'll just be sure to pack up my bottle of Tums along with my smoothie and fiber cereal snacks!

Til next week!


Friday, August 2, 2013

I can breathe! - Diary update of a swim newbie Part 3

I just couldn't wait until post baby.  I couldn't.  I have conquered the fear of standing on my hands and on my head and I could tell you a horrific story of conquering one of my greatest fears (roaches), but I'll spare you the Creep Show-esqueness of that story. I probably just really dated myself by even mentioning that movie, didn't I?  Anyway, my most recent (and my husband would say, ridiculous) fear has been traversing the pool sans snorkel.  I guess I've built it up SO much and used the darn thing as a crutch during the pregnancy that the idea of not having it started becoming...well, scary.

Last night, I went to the pool and did a swim workout that I modified from one I found on the web.  I wanted to focus on my legs so I figured a kick workout would cover it.  It looked like this:

Swim Workout #15
Category: Intermediate
Workout Goal:Improve kicks and timing
Total Distance:1800 yards
·         400 yards freestyle warmup 
(choice of strokes)
·         200 yards crawl alternating lengths of pull and kick
(on the first 25 pull only, on the second 25 kick only, repeat -- do not use a kick board)
·         4 x 100 yards flutter kick arounds
(one length each of kicking on stomach, left side, right side and back -- ok to use kick board)
·         4 x 50 yards crawl, resting :15 between
(count 3 kicks per arm stroke)
·         2 x 100 yards IM kick only
(with or without kickboard)
·         400 yards freestyle warmdown
(swim choice of strokes slowly)
 On the 200 yards alternating pull and kicks, do not usse a kickboard. Instead hook your thumbs together and hold them out in front of you wilth face in the water. Lift face out of the water to breath as needed.

This workout is a total of 1800 yards and 700 of those yards are kicking. With the exception of the IM kick drill, it is ok to use swim fins if you like. Swim fins can help to strengthen your leg muscles by adding resistance and making your muscles work harder. You do not have to use swim fins though and the swim drills are sequenced so that you alternate some swimming with kicking.

I modified it by changing the warm up to 600M at 200/200/200 EZ/Kick/Pull. I also swam the first 200 kick drills with my head down in the water working on bilateral breathing (because one day I'll need that!). The unexpected and completely unplanned thing I did was that at cool down...I ditched the snorkel!! I should be using all CAPS for that! (Considering how I mentioned it here and here) I figured I would just swim an EZ 200 but I hung there by the side of the pool, I thought...what the heck. Let's tear this thing off and see how it feels. I have been working on breathing intervals the last couple of weeks and I just did the whole bilateral thing so I just figured I'd work off of that. Aaaand it also helps that there weren't many people at the pool.

The first 25 were horrific. I barely made it to end of the pool without gasping or swallowing water. The second 25 were a little better but my breathing was hurried and my timing was off. By the time I got to the end of the pool, I was just pissed off at myself. I was way over thinking this thing.

So I went again. This time I used the same pattern as with the big breath in, hold, 3 arm strokes, blow all the air out and THEN go out for a big breath. Shaky at first but I got the hang of it. The next 25 I started alternating sides to which I would take a breath. It required a lot of mechanical thought which I am guessing was nerve induced and because that first 50 was a mess, I was worn out.

I decided to call it a day...a successful day at that!

So the lesson here I guess is: Don't wait until tomorrow, er, I mean, until after you're cleared to exercise POST-baby to do what you can do today, at 31 1/2 weeks pregnant. Anxiety levels about this have started to diminish which means that I will keep working on that every week until the baby comes so that when I do come back...I can put it in total beast mode. Lol!
Happy Friday all and get out there and stay active!