Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?

Ever look back at your life through the eyes of someone who you've just told your story to? Yea, me either.

My life story seems to keep coming up and it's forced me to take a deeper, longer look back.  I spoke with someone who explained that their own father had a fascinating story and that they tried to get him to record his story somehow so that they can pass it along over generations.  Apparently, they only captured it in pieces due to technical issues and now all they have is that.  Bits of pieces of history to pass along of their heritage.

I have never thought my life story one of "documenting heritage" quality but then again, I was looking back in my own eyes.

Have you ever told your child a story about your own childhood?  Usually, you get an eyeroll when you talk about life pre-handheld devices.  But if you told a teen child about decisions, events that occurred in your life at their exact same age, it seems to have more of an impact.  My daughter and I shared this very experience recently.  She asked questions and she keeps coming back for more as she absorbs some of it and applies it to her own situation.  While travelling to my hometown on vacation recently, I found myself telling stories about life back then, there - by the water.  The look in their eyes was enough to signal that there IS something here that is worthy of sharing.

So, back to the original question.  Who do you have to tell your story?  Someone that doesn't know the WHOLE story?  Someone that may know the facts but not the reasons or feelings behind certain decisions?  Or the way you reacted to some of the obstacles thrown your way?  Or maybe it never gets told and assumptions about how you got from point A to B will be made for years after you're gone?

I don't have an answer but reflecting on the paths our lives take, the outcomes, the hindsight wisdom and the effects all of it could have on the next generations is in itself, fascinating.  Wouldn't you agree?

This could be an insightful project, no doubt.  A project that could prove at times to be difficult but one that would also be fulfilling enough to tackle.  Soon.