Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ctrl Alt Delete...reboot!

My computer has been running really slow lately.  My phone is acting the same way.  It appears that I'm out of storage space.  Come to think of it, that extra set of garages is kinda full too.  It's amazing how many toys, bikes, gadgets, golf clubs and a plethora of other stuff a family of six can accumulate.

Although this could easily become a post about how I need to sell, purge and organize my life, I don't have a week to talk about all the things I need to do.  I'll tackle that a bit at a time.

Just as our homes and electronics get bogged down, so do our bodies.  In my case, I caved to my sweet tooth one too many times.  I was doing so well getting to my "fit, fab & forty" body and then the birthday came and I totally let the wheels come off the bus.  Cakes and desserts at the end of every celebratory meal and then a couple of holidays...Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras flanked the day with an abundance of chocolate and king cake.  I think that's all past us now but what remains is the incredibly sluggishness that I feel.

Good news bad news is still that I lost my butt.  I didn't necessarily gain weight but I feel "soft" and particularly around my middle. So, no butt and squishy midsection...that's where I am at now and I'll say, I'm not particularly thrilled with it.  Especially the sluggish part.  Granted, the weather has been incredibly bipolar and I appreciate it letting me use it as an excuse because...I just didn't feel like working out.  Shoot, I STILL don't! Bleh.

Case in point...I did week 4 & 5 of T25 twice!  Why?  Because I did such a crappy job of staying on it that I felt like I needed to redo it until I got it right.  And I still didn't.

Yesterday, although I felt like anything BUT working out, I knew I HAD to.  I have got to lift out of this funk and get moving again.  Rebooting the workout plan was probably the only way to do it so I went ahead and started the Beta portion of T25, week 1 last night.  I also tried to fix a healthy meal for myself.  Flying solo with 4 kids in the evening does not make for creative, healthy cooking, I learned.  The kids were fed, bathed, homework was done and everyone was in bed and yet, I never got around to eating what I made.  I had made a batch of quinoa which I knew I could doctor up with something I found on pinterest.  I did exactly that and tweaked it some more for the ingredients I did have (butternut squash versus sweet potato) and those patties just fell apart on me.  Oh, well...they tasted great, just not pretty.  Regardless, I ended up having a bowl a cereal after my workout because anything else felt too heavy at midnight.  Yes, midnight.
I had to also catch up on my yoga challenges...because kind of ignored that too.  Before I knew it, it was Tuesday.

The Cardio dvd was really what I needed...I didn't know what to expect and they REALLY step it up with intensity.  I was actually looking at that timer on the screen as it counted down wishing it would move FASTER.  Ugh.

I am looking forward to Speed 2.0 tonight but am afraid that after a week of trying all the workouts in the series, I will be bored.  Not to mention, I don't feel like I am getting any stronger.  I think I'll add some strength training somehow tonight however, long term, I need to find something else that will get me amped up.  Thank goodness for my aerial class...I really look forward to going to that every week.

I'll be searching for new ideas to keep things fresh.  Stay tuned on that.  In the mean time, I am hoping the weather cooperates more so that I can finally start taking my bike out for some long rides (fantastic glutes emerge here!).

Have a fantastic Tuesday & get movin' (no matter what time...just do it!)