Tuesday, April 18, 2017

So...it's my butt's fault.

Glute imbalances are at the root of many injuries.  My podiatrist, carefully listened to all my biomechanically related injuries that led me to him in our first consultation.  He said that aside my foot causing me to overcompensate, my injuries are likely stemming from Glute imbalance.  He is a multi-Ironman athlete himself and well versed on running injuries and luckily, he also had a student resident in the room at the time whom he was quizzing through our conversation.

He explained muscle imbalances and how likely it is that my weak glute has caused strain on my hamstring whereby affecting my knee and IT Band.  Sounds all too familiar.

He quickly ran a test on me to show her and prove his hypothesis.   Sure enough, my left glute is much stronger than the right.  He suggested that I do only glute exercises focusing on the right side until I am back in balance or in symmetry.  He literally dropped to the ground and demonstrated some exercises.  Gotta love his commitment to the cause!

Since then, I have done a little research and found some great articles on the subject.  I have surgery scheduled in a week for my foot so I have that much time to cram for finals in strengthening my right booty before I have to go on "no exercise".  Ugh.  I am NOT looking forward to that!

Here is an article on how to test to see if you have a Glute Imbalance on your own here .
Also from "The Glute Guy"  Bret Contreras  and his site, a great article on how to fix these imbalances.   Check them out!

Here is another great article on muscle imbalances and functional movement screen test : here
and the Functional movement website has a library of exercises

Amazing how the human body works.  I always find these things fascinating and get lost in all the research and findings out there.

Hope these are helpful to you.  Now, I am off to work my bum.  The right one that is.  ;)