Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Surprise, surprise for week 38

Who'd a thunk it?  At 38 and half weeks, I  got through my Aerial Tone class.  The only part I skipped was the ab portion for obvious reasons but I managed to do the ENTIRE rest of the class.  I realize that I will probably be unable to blow dry my hair tomorrow but that kind of pain is so well worth it.

I realized while driving after the class (other than how hungry for a cheeseburger I was) how good I felt.  My belly felt less heavy and I had an overwhelming feeling of strength.  Yes, I was sitting at the time but lately, that seems to be the most uncomfortable of positions especially climbing in and out of cars!

{That was going to be the genesis of the post...surprise for capability at 38+weeks & surprise at how it made me feel better to move more - however, a bigger surprise came when the next day after if written the above, I went into labor. Surprise! That's the end of pregnancy fitness updates! Our baby boy was born at 38 weeks, 6 day gestation. Healthy & absolutely amazing, he's got the whole clan head over heels for him. Stay tuned for a quick labor post and what will now be my post pregnancy fitness/health journey back to my old me (and better!)}

My 38 week goal was to get through an Aerial Tone class and one swim workout.  One of two is not bad and in true "me" fashion, the last thing I said before leaving our driveway for the hospital was "I guess I'm not swimming tomorrow". How's that for commitment to the program? Ha!

More to come...


Monday, September 16, 2013

Kicking off week 38

My "weeks" turn on Saturdays and for the sake of these updates and for simplicity, I've been using Monday through Sunday as a "week".  Since I updated 37 weeks twice I figured that I would just start off week 38 with my goals for the week and and update of the weekend (where week 37 turned into 38).

I mentioned here how week 37 turned into a no workout week into a "let's try yoga again" and see where it goes.  As I had hoped, I was able to make it to the pool on Friday and managed a nice and easy 1850M swim.  I tried to lay out and just relax but it was SO HOT!  Sweat was just rolling down my belly after a few short minutes and being in the pool was a quite the refreshing relief I needed.

I started off with my usual 800M warm up.  200 free, 200 kick, 200 pull and 200 one arm drill. I lost track of my laps and ended swimming an extra 50 for good measure.
I wasn't sure what to do next so I pulled my phone and flipped through previous updates to get a quick workout in my head.  I decided on the 5, 3, 5 stroke routine because I knew that would give me a good cardio workout (take a breath after x strokes).  It looked like this:

200 5
100 3
50 5

Because holding my breath for 5 strokes was REALLY hard, I need extra rest so it ended up looking more like this:

200 5
50 EZ
100 3
50 5
50 Backstroke (catch my breath)
100 5
50 EZ
100 5
50 EZ
100 3
50 5

If you do the math, I swam way more! (900M v 700M for a the main w/o) and then I tacked on an additional 100 as a cool down.  I felt fantastic and I couldn't believe how all my aches and discomforts were completely non-existent while in the pool.  Noticed that for the most part of the workout, I had the pool to myself.  There was one swimmer that came later and I observed him using a snorkel.  He came and went while I continued on with my laps.  A few others joined in towards the ends and one guy even asked me where I bought my "tube".  I thought it odd that in the past I had never seen anyone use one (but me) and now I saw one guy and another wanted to get one.  Recall here and here how I discussed my use of this tool and my goals of letting it go.  Just an observation I wanted to pass along is all...

On Sunday, I had to drop one child off at soccer practice while picking up the other since hubby is coaching them both.  He had the joys of dealing with that miserable heat for...almost 4 hours?! What a champ he is!
Luckily for us, the field is about a half mile away from the house so I decided we'd walk there with the baby in the jogger.  We did just that and I continued walking on the track and then walked back and up again and back (because 1.5 miles seemed too short and not something I would consider a workout.  At 38 weeks pregnant.  Yes, I'm silly.)...When I was 2.75 miles in an about .25 miles from home, I decided to run.  You know...just to see how it felt.

At first if felt a little tight but then it felt good.  My calves got that burning feeling when I start off a run (after not running for awhile) and everything just clicking into gear.  Boy did I miss it!  Before I knew it I was home and I was both sad and glad.  Sad because I had a little more in me to keep going but glad because if I did go more, I'd probably regret that this baby would have an earlier birth date than anticipated. :D normal update standards, 37 weeks & full term allowed me do jump into yoga, do a complete Masters Swim workout and get a little walk/run in too.  It CAN be done!  And I feel great today to boot too.

Let's see what week 38 has to offer but I already feel accomplished and satisfied thus far.  If I had to plan it out, I'd love to go to my Aerial conditioning class and get a swim in on Friday.  Let's see if I make it that far!

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Self Talking back to Yoga at week 37

My 37 week post from yesterday served as the start of getting my self talk in gear.  Self talk.  I do this a lot. In fact, as a child I remember being "caught" talking to myself and grownups assuming I was talking to my imaginary friends during play.  No.  I was talking to myself.  As an adult, sometimes I catch myself just running through my "list" of to do's or walking through a problem and its solution out loud.

When I have a lot on my plate and am on stress overload or worried about lots of things, self talk goes into overdrive.  It's almost like therapy.  I talk it out and it helps me rationalize and many times, I figure things out and get a lot of clarity by just getting "out".  Now, don't imagine me being one of those people that is having a full on conversation with herself in the middle of her commute.  Usually, it's just a mumble while sitting at my desk or while folding laundry or in the shower.

In any event, I was thinking about my post last night while hubby had a "boys night" and the kids all were in bed by 9:15.  ALL. OF. THEM. ASLEEP! I found myself with idle time and for a moment, I was going to follow the same 'ol routine...running a load of wash, turning on the dishwasher, showering and watching tv until I had to move the laundry.  But as I walked back from the kitchen and in front of our full length mirror, I thought....hmm.  I wonder what the yoga challenge has been lately and if I can even attempt a pose?

I remembered that just earlier this week, my husband sent me a pic of me doing a yoga pose...maybe a month ago? I was in handstand position with my feet on the wall in an "L" shape.  At first, I thought it was a cruel joke.  "Mocking my inability to move, are you?"  Hubby: "Ha! No...just giving you something to look forward to...a few more weeks and you'll be back at it. :)" Yes, happy face and all.  I smiled and was grateful for this type of exchange.  Grateful that he is aware that I want to "get back at it" and how it's not like me to not move around.  Grateful that he was thinking of me while waiting for a plane. It was a sweet surprise.  

Why DID I stop the yoga challenge?  Was I that busy? That uncomfortable? Was it intentional or did it just go by the wayside?  I can't even tell you where I left off! How long has it been?  What's the new challenge called anyway?  It seems like years ago that I was attempting headstands, arm balances and "Wheel".  So...I sat in front of the mirror and attempted the Wheel. Admittedly, I was afraid to hold it too long but my arms were strong enough to get me up there and my back felt good and my toes automatically went into tippy mode.  I felt my calves tighten and it felt FANTASTIC!

So...I perused this month's challenge.  Last month's was...what was it?  Geez.  I forgot.  Anyway, this month it is #MoveYourAsana.  Ha!  Isn't that fitting?  I did a couple of downward dogs and I started working through the days.
Day 1 - Downward Dog Split, check.
Day 2 - Runner's Lunge, check.
Day 3 - Revolved Side Angle Pose, check!
Day 4 - Warrior, check!
Day 5 - Triangle, check!
Day 6 - Prasaritapaddotanasana, check!
Day 7 - Tripod headstand, um. I put my head on the carpet, started to kick up and thought...Pass.
Day 8 - Anjeneasana, check!

At this point, I am thinking...I am doing this!  But I was uncomfortable driving home.  I was uncomfortable sitting with a "bowling ball" on my lap at work all day.  I was uncomfortable sitting on the couch going through the mail.  I am NOT uncomfortable doing these things.  Ok, carry on...

Day 9 - Standing split, check (as best as I could)
Day 10 - Half moon sugar cane?, check!
Day 11 - Warrior 3, check baby!
Day 12 - "Grab your big toe and stick your leg out"...meh, not too great but I attempted it. Half check.
Day 13 - Standing Bow Pose, check!

Most of those poses are fairly easy and that I am grateful for that since it makes me feel so accomplished! ;) The best news of all is that I was moving.  I was stretching, reaching and flexing to get into the poses and my bump (which is way bigger now) did not seem to be too big of an obstacle.  There were modifications of course but more than anything, it renewed the preconceived notion in my OWN head that "I just can't do that anymore".  Heck yea, I can!

And what's even better?  I just got word that we've finalized our big project at work.  Deadline met before lunch on a Friday?  That means, the pool will be seeing me very soon!  Woohoo!

So, self talk served as a motivator for me this time.  I don't carry a whole lot of useless worry or stress as I used to which is why I had to get it back "into gear".  I don't find myself self talking as much and I think in part, I attribute a little of that to Yoga and what it stands for but mostly for insisting on living a positive lifestyle.  I don't sweat the small things and I tend to block negative energy or just eliminate it from my life as best I can.

Don't be surprise to see yet a third installment of week 37 - the week where anything could happen.

Happy Friday and get movin'!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Full term, baby! 37 weeks!

This is the point of the pregnancy where you say "any day now". Technically speaking, that little muffin is fully baked so if he is ready, he is more than welcome to join us in our family circus. (I on the other hand...)

Exercise has pretty much gone out of the window for me.  Little man has "dropped" substantially, dilation has begun and contractions are a common (but not consistent) occurance.  Needless to say, I am not very comfortable MOST of the time.  This is not to say that I am getting a lot of rest, however.  Rest seems like a luxury that I may just get in...10 years?  Ha, kidding.  Anyway, I don't see it in the horizon anytime soon.

School is in FULL swing and I find myself playing teacher some evenings...whether it's assisting with homework or teaching my kids study skills (which makes me study too...oh, to learn 5th & 6th grade all over again...FUN!) I am working well into the night to make sure everyone is "good".

Now we are adding activities to the while we had one soccer team to keep up with before, now we have three.  Yes, 3.  My son is doubling up,my daughter is playing...and my husband is coaching both of them to boot! Ah! That officially makes me a "Soccer Mom".  A toddler chasing, very pregnant soccer mom. Get me a minivan.  KIDDING.  (...and not that there is anything wrong with's just not me...and I will fight to the bitter end to avoid it.  Yes, I am that passionate about it.  Judge me.)

There are just a couple days left in week 37 and other than chasing that toddler around soccer fields a couple of times, there are no workouts to be logged in on this update.  There *may* be a glimmer of hope for tomorrow as my BIG deadline at work is coming to a head.  If the timing is right, I may get out to the pool while everyone is still at work/school and see how the laps feel after all this time.  Worst case, I don't swim but at least get some tan/rest/magazine time (even if it's an hour...I'll GLADLY take it).

This week is the week that I finally caught up on reading all those babycenter update emails.  You know, the ones that tell you what to pack for the hospital, how you should be feeling, what fruit size your baby is comparable to and what list of supplies to have at home for your newborn.  This is the same week when I reveled at JUST how far behind I am.  My to-do list gets longer everyday and my days get shorter.  Hospital bag?  Puleeze. (Car seat is still sized for the now 19 month old...uh....yea) :/

I am just thrilled that I managed a pedicure late one evening this week.  I attempted a DIY mani/pedi last weekend with my daughter and let's just say that an over the belly pedi is not something I recommend.  What a disaster and total fail.  I was even embarrassed to walk around the house barefoot.  I couldn't reach my feet to fix it! Good times.

Hopefully, next week my update will include things like "checklist done!" and "rested" and "got another mani/pedi and foot massage"...but if it doesn't, that's fine too.  I am incredibly grateful that this has been such a healthy pregnancy, that I have felt so fantastic the entire way and my husband and kids have been so wonderful.  I couldn't ask for a better family - they make me happy and I love being their circus ringmaster. ;)


Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to School Changes at 35 weeks & a bonus 36 week update

I'm nearing the end of the 8th month where it seems at times like I've "given up" on fitness during the pregnancy.  I know all too well that after as little as a few week hiatus getting back in the swing of things is dreadfully difficult.  Week 33 and 34 were pretty much total duds in the exercise department and I was quite alright with that.  I knew that this week would also prove to be difficult with all the "Back to School" hoopla so I wasn't exactly anticipating getting back at it full speed (especially this far along...I'm a little tired and okay with giving in to that).

So, there is not much of a day to day wrap up other than feeling just a little accomplished for getting a nice 2+ mile family walk in on the night that hubby came back in town from a business trip and great 1600M solo swim that I mustered the energy for on my Friday half day off.

Not a whole of working out going on around here these days but the excitement of new changes kept everyone on their toes.  Our oldest started middle school (yikes!), so aside the bus schedule, the changes in classes/periods and coming home and managing to stay on track with homework and assignments after school by herself, there was the endless lists of "NEEDS" when I got home from work each night.  I NEED decorations for my locker.  I NEED a new lock, standard issue is subpar.  I NEED a new agenda.  I NEED you to fill out ALL of these forms tonight...and the list goes on. The middle one is in a transitional school campus as his school has been torn down and being rebuilt. We have scheduling changes along with soccer car pool to manage with a new after school game plan to boot. The baby is in a new class too. Scheduled class times, eating at the table, sleeping on mats and an overall more regimented school day (no cribs, bottles or high chairs) make for adjusting how we handle certain things at home.  She is quite a trooper so it hasn't phased her one bit...other than the extra bruises on her shins from being rambunctious during playground time at school. :/

All in all, it was a great week. Everyone made it to school on time, got home safely each day and made it to soccer practice and back too! Success!

Update:  Update to the non-update? Ha!  Well, it just goes to show how things are going on in my world that I never published this.  Whoopsie.  So...I decided to double up!  Hey!

What happened during week 36?  Nothing much as far as exercise goes. Update done! (publish, publish, publish...before I start feeling bad...) ;)

Next week - FULL TERM!!  Ah! Getting ready for the final push! :)