Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Light Me Up

My son is not a fan of me running at night. He always makes certain I'm wearing light colored clothing and I've got a full charge on my phone. Since it seems this is the most available time for me to get my runs in, I thought I'd find some gadgets to make my runs safer by being more visible. 

Behold my shoe lights! 

My son gave me an approving nod. I can't say I felt safer per se, since the majority of my runs are on sidewalks, but I did find it to garner more attention from dog walkers and every passing car rather than going under the radar as is norm. 

Good thing I didn't use the blinking feature! Can you say...obnoxious? 

Happy workout edition of #TuesdayShoesday ! 


P.S. I ran! First run since ankle injury! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm back, I guess.

Remember when I rolled my ankle?  And how I blew it off and continued running until I couldn't walk?  Well, here's a reminder if you missed it --> here

I've been a really good girl and stayed off of it.  Mainly, because I literally couldn't walk on it.  Haha. This week, I have finally felt very close to normal.  Heels have been my remedy, I think.  


No, really.  I wore flats and realized that in heels, I walked normally.  I must have been taking the pressure off of whatever the heck I injured in my foot/ankle and I had my natural (and much missed) high heel stride.  No limping!  I figured I would be jogging sometime this week to test out the mechanics but haven't had time yet since I'm flying solo this week.

The other night I ran into my friend aka elite marathon trainer at a restaurant party/event/bday thingy. She looked down, asked me about my ankle and before I could finish my sentence about it being better, she said "good, see you Sunday bright and early...we'll start with 6"  If I could insert a big eye emoji here, I would.    

I'll work on abs and my legs on the bike until then.  Wish me luck!  

Update Monday! 


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Listening Now - G-Eazy

New Music Wednesday...I love the "Me, Myself & I" track so I thought I'd check out the whole album.  So far, so good!! :)

When It's Dark Out - G-Eazy

Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Motivation. #Chachacha

 Who else did a little dance when they read this?

Don't let those Super Bowl party foods be your disaster...get back at it!

Go get that Monday and DO NOT skip the workout!  :)


Funny unrelated anecdote: February is my birthday month and I usually celebrate in some form or another ALL month (because I can! haha) but now that I share the month with my youngest daughter, I've had to relinquish the first couple of weeks to her. (phfft, kids!) Anyway, I mentioned to my hubby this weekend about my birthday plans and she (quickly and loudly) interjects "you mean MYYYYY birthday????"  Seriously, kid?  Her birthday was LAST week!  How quickly they catch on to the birthday month celebration concept.  Conversation was tabled, obviously.  She wins. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Listening Now - Sia

This is Acting - Sia

Holding out, staying positive

What else can you do?  On my last update here, I mentioned my ridiculous ankle/foot injury and how it's sidelined my running and the goals that are attached to that (i.e Woodlands Half Marathon that I had JUST registered for! $$ :/ ).  I also mentioned how I was going to keep on moving and hope that it will heal enough for me to at the very least, complete it.

I haven't waivered on that.  I have been upbeat and positive and made a heck of a lot of lemonade this last couple of weeks.  I have modified P90X video workouts and I have become reacquainted with my road bike, Blu, after many months of separation.  So much so, that I will probably be ready for the MS 150 in April if I keep it up!  I have found that much like my injury a little over a year ago (fibular stress fracture, same leg), the best and really only workout that can keep me in check cardiovascularly and still build leg muscle is by riding my bike.  No pain to the leg then, or the ankle and foot now.  The trickiest part is clipping out which concerns me (a little) about riding outdoors versus off the safety of my indoor trainer.

I will continue doing that until I can walk normally without flinching.  It seems there is still pain to apply weight on the foot which is bitterly frustrating but I know I have to patient. Sigh.

I said I would see a doctor. Ummm...yea, I don't wanna.  :P  BUT, I did take a pause from typing this to visit the doctor's website. I found this and it confirms that I can't do much about it but rest it.  Yes, it's self-diagnosis.  No, I don't recommend it.  

So carry on I say...find something to make today better than yesterday.  Be grateful for every second.

Hasta la proxima,


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Teen Girl

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Teen Girl

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Fashionista