Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Light Me Up

My son is not a fan of me running at night. He always makes certain I'm wearing light colored clothing and I've got a full charge on my phone. Since it seems this is the most available time for me to get my runs in, I thought I'd find some gadgets to make my runs safer by being more visible. 

Behold my shoe lights! 

My son gave me an approving nod. I can't say I felt safer per se, since the majority of my runs are on sidewalks, but I did find it to garner more attention from dog walkers and every passing car rather than going under the radar as is norm. 

Good thing I didn't use the blinking feature! Can you say...obnoxious? 

Happy workout edition of #TuesdayShoesday ! 


P.S. I ran! First run since ankle injury!