Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm back, I guess.

Remember when I rolled my ankle?  And how I blew it off and continued running until I couldn't walk?  Well, here's a reminder if you missed it --> here

I've been a really good girl and stayed off of it.  Mainly, because I literally couldn't walk on it.  Haha. This week, I have finally felt very close to normal.  Heels have been my remedy, I think.  


No, really.  I wore flats and realized that in heels, I walked normally.  I must have been taking the pressure off of whatever the heck I injured in my foot/ankle and I had my natural (and much missed) high heel stride.  No limping!  I figured I would be jogging sometime this week to test out the mechanics but haven't had time yet since I'm flying solo this week.

The other night I ran into my friend aka elite marathon trainer at a restaurant party/event/bday thingy. She looked down, asked me about my ankle and before I could finish my sentence about it being better, she said "good, see you Sunday bright and early...we'll start with 6"  If I could insert a big eye emoji here, I would.    

I'll work on abs and my legs on the bike until then.  Wish me luck!  

Update Monday!