Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Two weeks, 44 miles

That's what's happened since my last update.  Yikes.  I guess I am healing pretty well, huh?

This is how it all went down.

The chance meeting with my friend basically telling me I was going to run (post here) was what I needed to get me off my break and get out there to see how the foot would feel.  I was a bit terrified of going for 6 as she suggested demanded but luckily, my kid's birthday party kept me so preoccupied that I completely forgot to connect with her and set it up.  (Dodged bullet, haha)  Even luckier for me was that she forgot too.  Phew!

A couple of days later, I went for that first run.  My ankle was a bit twitchy, I admit and I was very nervous that I would be over doing it too soon.  After about a mile and half, all was well and I finished 4.  I did that two more times during the week and each time, it felt pretty much the same.

I reached out to my coach, gave her an update and we scheduled a long run.  "Let's shoot for 9" she said.  NINE.  UGH.  Really?  NINE?  I haven't run that many miles in....6 months?  And...I only did it once!  Yikes.

I put my big girl pants on, didn't whine and especially didn't let her see the fear in me.  We did a loop around the park and then ventured off to a secret iced down water fountain near the Polo fields.  It was humid and tough but I realized that talking while running sure makes for faster miles albeit out of breath ones.  By the time we made it back to the park, I was at 8!  I was in shock.  I even told her to check her watch because I just couldn't believe my Nike app.  We hit the 9 and I was elated that I could do it!  Yay!  My ankle didn't fail me!
The beautiful area and amazing tucked away iced water fountain!
Obviously, I am STILL running this Half Marathon.  I had written it off (sorta) when I got injured but my friend saw that I could do 9 so guess what?  I am DOING it.  Come hell or high water, this mama is going to show up.  I just needed (from this particular day) to make it through a few more runs, one long run and the race.  Easy peasy, right?

Sure.  So last week I decided to up the miles during the week but just run twice.  I ran a little over 6 on Tuesday and on my birthday went to pick up my new shoes (Wednesday).  I broke those babies in on Thursday with another 6.25 and then I waited for the text to set up the long run. Duhn, duhn duhhhhhhnnnnnn!  And like clockwork, on Friday, "10-12, pick you up Sun at 7" came through.  
My new kicks: Asics Kinsei 5 (last year's model=discount!)
I had my protein powder, new shoes and the confidence that I had just done 9 without any major issues.  What I didn't take into account was that my schedule on Saturday was packed tight and that I would have a brain fart about my nutrition and my access to food.  Yikes.  A protein rich green smoothie is great but it's not good enough for the ENTIRE day.  Golf lesson, class and a tournament across town did not give me much of a chance to stop to eat and like a DUMMY I forgot to pack snacks.

All of that to say that Sunday's run was not so great.  My lack of nutrition and water the day before was affecting me BIG TIME.  It was brutal and I got in trouble for it.  Lesson learned. :)
In any event, I ran.  She said 10 but in my mind, I had said 11 so I pushed a little to get to the next loop.  And when I accidentally paused my app at 10.17 and she said we were at 10.47 I could've punched myself because I knew that we weren't going to stop when she hit 11, rather when I did.  So...effectively, I ran 11+ because I wanted that round number on my device. (yep, that's me).
Proof that I finished with both legs still attached. 
My ankle felt great.  However, the knee on the OTHER leg started acting up.  UGH! By the end of the run, my left quad was super tight (I know it was protecting the knee).  I knew this meant I'd have to roll it out and take a break or my half marathon was going to be a big mess.

I am supposed to run 2-3 times this week.  She said 5,4,3 or 4,4 or even 4,3.  I foam rolled Sunday night and I ran out of time last night so I jumped on my bike for almost an hour.  Does that count?  I can't run tonight or tomorrow night so I am creatively thinking how I will get it done.

We'll see...I am also supposed to get a massage in no later than tomorrow.  As fantastic as that sounds, I don't think that's going to happen.

Stay tuned.  I am actually amazed that I've done so much in so little time.  I've got my fingers crossed that my ankle and knee both just chill out for at least a week. My son got a a Hover Board thing and I told him I was holding back from even attempting to get on until after the race.  Because...me. (Avoiding a clutz-o move at all costs.)

I'll post as soon as I can but in the mean time, get more frequent updates on my public instagram account at: @FullHouseofRoyals

Happy Super Tuesday y'all!