Thursday, September 12, 2013

Full term, baby! 37 weeks!

This is the point of the pregnancy where you say "any day now". Technically speaking, that little muffin is fully baked so if he is ready, he is more than welcome to join us in our family circus. (I on the other hand...)

Exercise has pretty much gone out of the window for me.  Little man has "dropped" substantially, dilation has begun and contractions are a common (but not consistent) occurance.  Needless to say, I am not very comfortable MOST of the time.  This is not to say that I am getting a lot of rest, however.  Rest seems like a luxury that I may just get in...10 years?  Ha, kidding.  Anyway, I don't see it in the horizon anytime soon.

School is in FULL swing and I find myself playing teacher some evenings...whether it's assisting with homework or teaching my kids study skills (which makes me study too...oh, to learn 5th & 6th grade all over again...FUN!) I am working well into the night to make sure everyone is "good".

Now we are adding activities to the while we had one soccer team to keep up with before, now we have three.  Yes, 3.  My son is doubling up,my daughter is playing...and my husband is coaching both of them to boot! Ah! That officially makes me a "Soccer Mom".  A toddler chasing, very pregnant soccer mom. Get me a minivan.  KIDDING.  (...and not that there is anything wrong with's just not me...and I will fight to the bitter end to avoid it.  Yes, I am that passionate about it.  Judge me.)

There are just a couple days left in week 37 and other than chasing that toddler around soccer fields a couple of times, there are no workouts to be logged in on this update.  There *may* be a glimmer of hope for tomorrow as my BIG deadline at work is coming to a head.  If the timing is right, I may get out to the pool while everyone is still at work/school and see how the laps feel after all this time.  Worst case, I don't swim but at least get some tan/rest/magazine time (even if it's an hour...I'll GLADLY take it).

This week is the week that I finally caught up on reading all those babycenter update emails.  You know, the ones that tell you what to pack for the hospital, how you should be feeling, what fruit size your baby is comparable to and what list of supplies to have at home for your newborn.  This is the same week when I reveled at JUST how far behind I am.  My to-do list gets longer everyday and my days get shorter.  Hospital bag?  Puleeze. (Car seat is still sized for the now 19 month old...uh....yea) :/

I am just thrilled that I managed a pedicure late one evening this week.  I attempted a DIY mani/pedi last weekend with my daughter and let's just say that an over the belly pedi is not something I recommend.  What a disaster and total fail.  I was even embarrassed to walk around the house barefoot.  I couldn't reach my feet to fix it! Good times.

Hopefully, next week my update will include things like "checklist done!" and "rested" and "got another mani/pedi and foot massage"...but if it doesn't, that's fine too.  I am incredibly grateful that this has been such a healthy pregnancy, that I have felt so fantastic the entire way and my husband and kids have been so wonderful.  I couldn't ask for a better family - they make me happy and I love being their circus ringmaster. ;)