Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to School Changes at 35 weeks & a bonus 36 week update

I'm nearing the end of the 8th month where it seems at times like I've "given up" on fitness during the pregnancy.  I know all too well that after as little as a few week hiatus getting back in the swing of things is dreadfully difficult.  Week 33 and 34 were pretty much total duds in the exercise department and I was quite alright with that.  I knew that this week would also prove to be difficult with all the "Back to School" hoopla so I wasn't exactly anticipating getting back at it full speed (especially this far along...I'm a little tired and okay with giving in to that).

So, there is not much of a day to day wrap up other than feeling just a little accomplished for getting a nice 2+ mile family walk in on the night that hubby came back in town from a business trip and great 1600M solo swim that I mustered the energy for on my Friday half day off.

Not a whole of working out going on around here these days but the excitement of new changes kept everyone on their toes.  Our oldest started middle school (yikes!), so aside the bus schedule, the changes in classes/periods and coming home and managing to stay on track with homework and assignments after school by herself, there was the endless lists of "NEEDS" when I got home from work each night.  I NEED decorations for my locker.  I NEED a new lock, standard issue is subpar.  I NEED a new agenda.  I NEED you to fill out ALL of these forms tonight...and the list goes on. The middle one is in a transitional school campus as his school has been torn down and being rebuilt. We have scheduling changes along with soccer car pool to manage with a new after school game plan to boot. The baby is in a new class too. Scheduled class times, eating at the table, sleeping on mats and an overall more regimented school day (no cribs, bottles or high chairs) make for adjusting how we handle certain things at home.  She is quite a trooper so it hasn't phased her one bit...other than the extra bruises on her shins from being rambunctious during playground time at school. :/

All in all, it was a great week. Everyone made it to school on time, got home safely each day and made it to soccer practice and back too! Success!

Update:  Update to the non-update? Ha!  Well, it just goes to show how things are going on in my world that I never published this.  Whoopsie.  So...I decided to double up!  Hey!

What happened during week 36?  Nothing much as far as exercise goes. Update done! (publish, publish, publish...before I start feeling bad...) ;)

Next week - FULL TERM!!  Ah! Getting ready for the final push! :)