Friday, September 13, 2013

Self Talking back to Yoga at week 37

My 37 week post from yesterday served as the start of getting my self talk in gear.  Self talk.  I do this a lot. In fact, as a child I remember being "caught" talking to myself and grownups assuming I was talking to my imaginary friends during play.  No.  I was talking to myself.  As an adult, sometimes I catch myself just running through my "list" of to do's or walking through a problem and its solution out loud.

When I have a lot on my plate and am on stress overload or worried about lots of things, self talk goes into overdrive.  It's almost like therapy.  I talk it out and it helps me rationalize and many times, I figure things out and get a lot of clarity by just getting "out".  Now, don't imagine me being one of those people that is having a full on conversation with herself in the middle of her commute.  Usually, it's just a mumble while sitting at my desk or while folding laundry or in the shower.

In any event, I was thinking about my post last night while hubby had a "boys night" and the kids all were in bed by 9:15.  ALL. OF. THEM. ASLEEP! I found myself with idle time and for a moment, I was going to follow the same 'ol routine...running a load of wash, turning on the dishwasher, showering and watching tv until I had to move the laundry.  But as I walked back from the kitchen and in front of our full length mirror, I thought....hmm.  I wonder what the yoga challenge has been lately and if I can even attempt a pose?

I remembered that just earlier this week, my husband sent me a pic of me doing a yoga pose...maybe a month ago? I was in handstand position with my feet on the wall in an "L" shape.  At first, I thought it was a cruel joke.  "Mocking my inability to move, are you?"  Hubby: "Ha! No...just giving you something to look forward to...a few more weeks and you'll be back at it. :)" Yes, happy face and all.  I smiled and was grateful for this type of exchange.  Grateful that he is aware that I want to "get back at it" and how it's not like me to not move around.  Grateful that he was thinking of me while waiting for a plane. It was a sweet surprise.  

Why DID I stop the yoga challenge?  Was I that busy? That uncomfortable? Was it intentional or did it just go by the wayside?  I can't even tell you where I left off! How long has it been?  What's the new challenge called anyway?  It seems like years ago that I was attempting headstands, arm balances and "Wheel".  So...I sat in front of the mirror and attempted the Wheel. Admittedly, I was afraid to hold it too long but my arms were strong enough to get me up there and my back felt good and my toes automatically went into tippy mode.  I felt my calves tighten and it felt FANTASTIC!

So...I perused this month's challenge.  Last month's was...what was it?  Geez.  I forgot.  Anyway, this month it is #MoveYourAsana.  Ha!  Isn't that fitting?  I did a couple of downward dogs and I started working through the days.
Day 1 - Downward Dog Split, check.
Day 2 - Runner's Lunge, check.
Day 3 - Revolved Side Angle Pose, check!
Day 4 - Warrior, check!
Day 5 - Triangle, check!
Day 6 - Prasaritapaddotanasana, check!
Day 7 - Tripod headstand, um. I put my head on the carpet, started to kick up and thought...Pass.
Day 8 - Anjeneasana, check!

At this point, I am thinking...I am doing this!  But I was uncomfortable driving home.  I was uncomfortable sitting with a "bowling ball" on my lap at work all day.  I was uncomfortable sitting on the couch going through the mail.  I am NOT uncomfortable doing these things.  Ok, carry on...

Day 9 - Standing split, check (as best as I could)
Day 10 - Half moon sugar cane?, check!
Day 11 - Warrior 3, check baby!
Day 12 - "Grab your big toe and stick your leg out"...meh, not too great but I attempted it. Half check.
Day 13 - Standing Bow Pose, check!

Most of those poses are fairly easy and that I am grateful for that since it makes me feel so accomplished! ;) The best news of all is that I was moving.  I was stretching, reaching and flexing to get into the poses and my bump (which is way bigger now) did not seem to be too big of an obstacle.  There were modifications of course but more than anything, it renewed the preconceived notion in my OWN head that "I just can't do that anymore".  Heck yea, I can!

And what's even better?  I just got word that we've finalized our big project at work.  Deadline met before lunch on a Friday?  That means, the pool will be seeing me very soon!  Woohoo!

So, self talk served as a motivator for me this time.  I don't carry a whole lot of useless worry or stress as I used to which is why I had to get it back "into gear".  I don't find myself self talking as much and I think in part, I attribute a little of that to Yoga and what it stands for but mostly for insisting on living a positive lifestyle.  I don't sweat the small things and I tend to block negative energy or just eliminate it from my life as best I can.

Don't be surprise to see yet a third installment of week 37 - the week where anything could happen.

Happy Friday and get movin'!