Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Surprise, surprise for week 38

Who'd a thunk it?  At 38 and half weeks, I  got through my Aerial Tone class.  The only part I skipped was the ab portion for obvious reasons but I managed to do the ENTIRE rest of the class.  I realize that I will probably be unable to blow dry my hair tomorrow but that kind of pain is so well worth it.

I realized while driving after the class (other than how hungry for a cheeseburger I was) how good I felt.  My belly felt less heavy and I had an overwhelming feeling of strength.  Yes, I was sitting at the time but lately, that seems to be the most uncomfortable of positions especially climbing in and out of cars!

{That was going to be the genesis of the post...surprise for capability at 38+weeks & surprise at how it made me feel better to move more - however, a bigger surprise came when the next day after if written the above, I went into labor. Surprise! That's the end of pregnancy fitness updates! Our baby boy was born at 38 weeks, 6 day gestation. Healthy & absolutely amazing, he's got the whole clan head over heels for him. Stay tuned for a quick labor post and what will now be my post pregnancy fitness/health journey back to my old me (and better!)}

My 38 week goal was to get through an Aerial Tone class and one swim workout.  One of two is not bad and in true "me" fashion, the last thing I said before leaving our driveway for the hospital was "I guess I'm not swimming tomorrow". How's that for commitment to the program? Ha!

More to come...