Monday, July 1, 2013

26 week update

Still keeping at it! I feel great for workouts but the shortest of stairs take the wind right out of me. It must be the triple digit heat. ?

Here's this week's update straight off my notepad. 
Week 26
M - 1350swim
200 free
200 kick
200 pull
200 1 arm
2 x 200 pull
150 free
Yoga challenge - eagle twist
T - plank 1:35
W - AerialTone yogax2 headstand/
forearm handstand/split, plank 1:40
Th - swim 1600
200 free
200 kick
200 pull
200 free
200 1 arm
5 x 100 timed free
100 easy free (hey, that's a mile!)
Yoga challenge - deep lunge
F - bike 13.5m - flat tire at last mile :(
S - yoga - standing split with foot grab (translation: intense ham string stretching & warming up to even attempt this contortionist move) I'm calling this a leg workout considering how sore I still am. 
S -yoga - lotus & final day of challenge. We did it!

Here's a pic of the final #YogainSpace challenge for June. A nice meditative lotus position amongst blue trees. 

I feel like I've come so far throughout the month, testing my physical & mental  ability in working through these poses. 
It's been really fantastic to see that I CAN do it if I just give it a try & work through it.  I'm especially grateful for the bonding time between my 11YO daughter & I. She's really enjoying yoga & is pushing herself daily (hourly) to go further. Hence, why we are embarking on continuing with the July challenge as well (#Yogangsters). This should be interesting especially since I'll be between weeks 27 & 31 of the pregnancy!  

Stay tuned to see my progress & some, what will sure to be, blooper attempts at these poses later in the month. :)

Happy Monday & cheers to a short week!