Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back to School Season - Chock full of Busy!

Back to School! Back to School!

Those sometimes welcomed and sometimes dreaded three words are the beginning of a roller coaster ride of things to come in the very near future.  Adjusting schedules, eating, sleeping patterns and getting school supplies and clothes for starters.  Not to mention all the back to school fairs, meet the teachers, orientations, pep rally preparations, soccer practice, PTA and volunteering requirements that suddenly pop up to add to the calendar ALL AT ONCE.  (Times 4 for me, yikes!!)

Once the pre back to school madness passes and school actually starts, a new normal will start to set in.  It won't be necessarily a smooth normal but a regimented, scheduled one at best.  The most welcomed part of this whole ordeal for me is the sense of routine that we are forced to oblige to.

This routine helps in figuring out exactly where the window for the most important things are.  ME TIME.  Ha!  I kid (sorta) but honestly, as everyone in my house knows, if mama is happy, EVERYONE is happy.  That ultimately means that mama needs a little "me" time.

I guess we should preface this by defining what "me" time for a busy mom is.  We are so used to being pulled in a million different directions that eating a hot meal at the table (rather than cold leftovers standing in the kitchen) could qualify...almost.  The point is that we don't need much.  As such, it is easy for it to be taken for granted and get pushed to "later", "tomorrow" or "Monday". Sound familiar?

Our priorities are our families and we forget sometimes that WE are members of the family too.  So, unless we DO something about it, our needs get to the bottom of the list.  Because we know all too well that there is no squeakier wheel than a 4 year old Princess on a mission for (fill in the blank for any random rainbow thing).  Hear me?

While I was thinking of this, it seems it's a topic on most busy mom's minds too.  I was contacted by my friends at To Be Simply Happy to guest post on their blog about this very topic.  So rather than continuing on here, I wrote a whole new fresh post for them.

Read my blog post there titled:

Tips for Getting Back in Shape After the Summer Workout Slump!

Come back and let me know what you think about my tips.  Hope you are all enjoying the back to school season!  For me, it's been a good reminder about why I dropped out of my "pseudo" Ironman training last year.  Here's a link in case you missed it: Post Of Shame 

Helping a high schooler and middle schooler with homework or study habits while keeping a couple of preschooler's entertained can be quite a 3 ring circus.  Did I mention that we also rescued a Chocolate Lab from the shelter and that he is AMAZING?  Just another ring to our amazing, wonderful circus.   I started an instagram account for him if you want to follow his journey @harleymakes7 Haha.

Well, as expected, my time is up here.  Hit me up on IG @fullhouseofroyals for daily posts (since I tend to go AWOL here).  :)

Ciao, Amigos.