Thursday, November 7, 2013

6 weeks - it's official!

I'm pregnant! Ha! Just kidding.

It is, however, officially time to get started on a program! Six weeks marks a big milestone in the post baby world (if you didn't have a c-section).  It marks getting the all clear from the doctor to resume "regular", pre-pregnancy type activities.

That means I'm ready to get back in the saddle! Now, the hardest part of getting on a regular exercise schedule/routine is getting motivated and STARTED. I discussed this at length when I first started this blog. It's pretty much my achiles heel. The longer I go without starting, the more difficult it is, the more miserable I feel and more doomed the whole getting healthy thing becomes. This is especially difficult with a newborn now in tow.  Time seems more strained and the needs of every member of the family from me has grown by one more.

Getting fit and more importantly, staying fit, is particularly difficult during this "fourth trimester".  It's this time where we are juggling breast feeding, hormonal changes (night sweats, losing hair, vision changes) and functioning at 100% with sleep deprivation that adding a workout seems a bit crazy.

As soon as I left the doctor's office, I felt motivated.  I had my stats and could now benchmark where I was and where I am now (weight-wise anyway).  I signed up for a race in early December for starters (more on that later) and then, I made sure that I went out for a real run before the weekend was out.  I figured that was enough to get me excited and to start the week ahead with a bang.

Monday and Tuesday came and went, however, and that motivation was long gone.  The thought of working out was SO hard.  Ugh.  I thought about going to the gym.  But didn't.  I thought about going for a run.  But didn't.  Wednesday was looking the same and then I realized that the week was moving along and if I didn't do something, anything at all, I was going to fall into complacency and just give up on this first week.   So, knowing I had little time in my day left before the evening craziness began (kids home from school, homework, projects, soccer playoffs, etc) I decided to pop in a P90X DVD and see how much I can finish.  I got Shoulders & Arms done. Yay!

By Thursday morning, I decided on whim that I was just going to do the P90X workout in its entirety daily with modifications on days that I run or ride.  So, I did Ab Ripper (which I ran out of time for the day before) and moved along to YogaX.  I'm hoping that I can keep it going for the rest of the week. My weeks turn on Fridays since that's when baby was born so on that technicality:

Week 1 PP:
P90X Shoulders & Arms
P90X Ab Ripper X
P90X YogaX

- Pregnancy weight gain: 34lbs
- Weight difference from beginning of pregnancy & 6 week checkup: 16lbs
- Immediate goal:  To finish a Duathlon in early December.