Friday, November 15, 2013

Partnerships that help get it DONE

The success of a business is sometimes as good as the partnership of the people behind it.  If the people don't "partner" well, the business is likely to suffer.  The same goes with my fitness regimen and partnerships needed for it to work.

As difficult as it is to be motivated to start an exercise program and have the energy to stick with it, it is more difficult to (and even tricky) to actually get it done when you have a big family abundant with activities for everyone.  Sure, the plan could be to "ride my bike" today...but with soccer, a newborn, toddler and other logistical issues, those simple three words are tough to get crossed off that to-do list.  That is unless, you are married to my husband.  He tells me all the time "just do it, I'll figure it out".

He is THE reason why I have been able to do Aerial classes or join the Masters Swim class at the gym in the evenings. He is the ONLY reason I can get bike rides in.  I mean, how else do you go on a bike ride with an infant?  No nannies, no housekeepers or maids here...just an awesome husband who will coach, help with homework, make dinner, change diapers, give baths, put babies to sleep, help with the endless loads of laundry and pick up any slack that I may leave to run to get a workout in.  It's his ability to do it without so much a complaint that makes it easy for me to follow through and keep on some sort of program (as erratic as it may seem).

He is the reason why I was able to get a 16 mile bike ride in yesterday.  I didn't want to miss soccer but the timing was such that if I really wanted to get that ride in, the morning was the only time.  He did not hesitate to tell me that he had it covered.  "Just go and do it, you'll feel better and we'll be fine" he said.
I felt guilty but I knew that I needed to get on my bike and get miles in before this du.  I had just picked it up from getting a tune up and because it was my first post baby ride, I was nervous!  I had those pre-race jitters which made me all the more grateful that my friend Rox asked to join me late Friday night.  She just got a bike and is the one who is always sending me races to sign up for (including the Du that we are doing together next month).  Although she has just jumped in and already done a couple of small tris, she too was nervous.

It was a cool and overcast morning which normally makes it incredibly difficult to get out of bed but that nervous energy popped me right out.  I got the bike loaded up and was ready to go and even pumped breakfast for my little guy.  It was nice to not feel rushed about getting back and knowing that I can enjoy the ride and even extend it if I wanted to.  I could not ask for a better ride. My bike felt like new, complete with a new chain and I was stocked up with tubes and CO2 cartridges, just in case.  I pushed hard and got to show my friend parts of the trail she had never seen.  A great workout!  I dropped her off at home afterwards and called my husband, thinking they were well on their way to soccer.  I was envisioning a shower, smoothie and running errands while they were gone when he said they were down the street fueling up.  What?!  I'm back that early?  He offered to come get me and I swear I've never showered and changed so fast!

As much as I could have used a nap or some quiet time all to myself, there is no other place I'd rather be than with my clan.  He picked me up and off we went.  The sky cleared up and it turned out to be a gorgeous Fall day at the soccer field (both literally and figuratively.)  As it turned out, later he and the big boy went on a boy's mountain trail bike ride at Memorial Park with friends and I was happy to return the favor!

I recognize that without this buddy system, staying in shape is way more difficult to near impossible.  Props to you babe.  Thank you.