Monday, March 16, 2015

A-Boom chicka boom

My 3 year old randomly will sing this.  It is evidently part of their circle time song repertoire at daycare lately. It's pretty cute mainly because of the times she chooses to sing this...while playing by herself or accomplishing some task she's been tackling (getting doll arms through those dress arm holes can be tough!)

This was my first thought when I started this post about my prior week's update. I  added the "boom Chaka laka, Chaka laka, chica boom and almost did a little dance! The fact that we're traveling to a warm sunny destination may have a little to do with that though. ;)

M 1:15 run 20/5 x 3 - missed my morning alarm (or I decided to skip thinking Daylight Savings would cause morning chaos at the house today). Wasn't too concerned about missing 5:30 wko though because in my back pocket was the fact that it was the only night hubby was home. :) I was hoping to get my long run outdoors but it was cold, pouring and just yuck outdoors. I figured if I went to the gym, I could accomplish more. I made a last minute call of what wko to do since I still had a makeup brick I needed to fit in from last week. It was agonizing but I chose to do the long run at the end of the day. Treadmills & I just don't go together but with the 20/5 interval and tv shows to catch up on, I was positive it was going to be good. And it was! Nike+ app had me calibrated as booking it with close to 8.5 miles in 1:15. I estimated it to be closer to 7:75 but whatever...that TM speed was at at 7mph the majority of the time so it's close. I felt so good that I took my ambitious self to the pool. I got tomorrow's 1200M done too! Boomchickaboom. 
T 1200M swim + strength training -  Hubby's gone til Friday  and cross training would keep me on schedule for the week. I considered a P90X video but thought I'd like to be surprised and tried Nike Training Club app for a couple of workouts. I liked it! I did 2 different wkos, 45 minutes overall and it got me sweating and sore for the next few days so, effective! Lots of 
options with this app. I will probably tap into this while traveling if necessary. :)
W 50 min bike - Set up the bike in my room after all the kids were in bed and jumped on for a solid hour and caught up on House of Cards. Yay! (10 min extra credit! ;) )
Th rest -  Rest is for Saturday I've decided. It just works to not leave home early in the morning when the babies are up & full of energy. Hubby should appreciate this. ;) Which leaves Thursday to racing home and getting a quick 5k in before picking up babies. Checkitycheck!
F fast 3m run - caught up on last weeks 45/45 brick. 1650M swim + bike on my early day off work. TGIF! And hubby comes back tonight. Woo!!

S  1hr bike - rest day! Took a last minute invite to hang with friends in Galveston overnight because...SPRING BREAK, baby!!

S rest - last minute, mani/pedis & pack (plus travel back from the island) BUT jumped on the bike LATE & got my last hour workout for the week in!! Yay!

The road trip cut some time in my schedule so making to Sunday's Hot Yoga class was tough. Not a huge loss and am pretty excited to get it all in. 

This week, different story. Spring break travels may prove to be difficult in keeping with the program. 

Finalizing this post on Tuesday morning from our balcony. Wagers on getting  2 bike, 2 runs & Xtrain session between now & Sunday?  Eh...I'm not a gambling girl but well, we'll see. 

Come back next week to find out. ;)

Happy #SpringBreak2015 to you!