Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is it butterflies or am I just scared straight?

Or maybe just a big wuss.

I had that bike ride on Sunday to remind myself what 14 miles (the ride distance of the upcoming tri) on the road outdoors would feel like.  I did a pseudo time trial to see where I could possibly end up on race day.  Conditions were less than perfect for that because the trail I ride on was busy with families, dogs on leashes and little kiddos on bikes (to be expected on a gorgeous Springlike day!).  I had a lot of bobbing and weaving to do and hard braking at times too (ah!).  In addition, it was so windy!  I knew I was going to have to work extra hard since it'd been awhile since I was out there (and a week off) so I pushed my hardest when I could.  My split speed for the 14 miles was a little over 15mph.  Surprising, given how many times I had stop and start.  I went further for a nice round 20 miles and felt fairly confident that on race day, I could be at about the same rate or better (hoping the winds are CALM!).

Last night, I tried to do the same with the swim.  Boy, what a rude awakening.  First of all, I've never quite understood how you jump in and start a race without warming up.  My best laps in the pool come AFTER I've already swam a good 400M.  So how are the first (and only) 300M supposed to be the best? I tested this concept.  I jumped in, started the timer and went.  OH EM GEE.  I may have started too fast?  The first 100 was fine and then during the second 100, my legs were already toast. WHAT???  It hurt to kick, my quads were fatigued.  ALREADY?!  Good grief!  This is awful!

I got to 175 and grabbed a pull buoy.  Swam the next 50 with just arms to let my legs recover and then swam the last in.  I took a break and thought "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?"  Am I just cold from not swimming for over a week?  How can I lose my rhythm THAT fast?  Booohoooo!!!
I had made so much progress! I thought this was like riding a bike...it all comes back to you?  No? Thank goodness this is a pool swim triathlon.  I would die in a lake!! :/

And then I slapped myself.  Why am I pushing SO hard?  This is just a race to get jitters out and warm up to transitions and putting it all together in one event.  It's 300 meters for crying out loud.  It's baby sprint distance.  I CAN do this.  Is it the race aspect?  Was I just trying to fly right out of the gate? Well, I wouldn't know because my overall time was close to 8 minutes.  That includes two half lengths in backstroke (yes, I admit it) and about 50 or 75 meters just pulling (I can't remember, I was so mad).

So let's try this again.  No pulling, no racing, no backstroking, just focusing on form and breathing every 4/5 strokes. I did much better but I struggled with breathing.  Still out of rhythm, coughing (I am fighting that sinus infection with all I've got) and concerned that I'm going to freak out on race day.  New time: 7:35

I was so done.  I wanted out of the pool.  I decided I hated swimming.  But I hate quitting more so I went for another set this time 100 at a time with a short break in between.  I did NOT go all out, I did not push because I was afraid of burnout before I was done so I just focused on not drowning.  This time, 2:11, 2:15, 2:15.  (using my iphone so there are extra seconds included there for drying my hand and pushing the lap button)  I found my quads more cooperative but then my goggles leaked. Ah!  Whatever.  It was a good RE-introduction to the pool.  I will have to come back again before race day and have some positive self talk while swimming.

It was about a 20 minute workout and I jumped on the bike after for another 20.  While spinning, I thought I should probably run it out too to see how the ankle felt.  I ran upstairs after switching shoes and ran 20 or so on the treadmill. The ankle was a little achy but cooperative.

A good workout, yes.  An encouraging one, no.

I will give it another go mid week and try to relax.  After all, worst case, the swim portion should take what, 10 minutes?  If I back stroke and barely use my legs and cough up a storm, I could take 10. We'll see how adrenaline plays a part in this whole thing.

I'm still at a loss for the lack of warmup though.  Is that how it goes?  Should I jog around the natatorium, first?  Ugh.  I'll have to read up or hit up my tri buddies for tips.

Time to regroup and remember this:

Check in on me, will ya?


oh yea, almost forgot...my view from the treadmill last night:
I left a little more motivated than when I started because #Committotri I have! ;)