Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Indulgence overload - a weekly roundup

I knew I had a short week to work with since I'd be traveling so it wouldn't be a full training week. Knowing this, I started off with a bang pulling a double on Monday and a long swim Tuesday morning. Two early workouts back to back too! And then a girls trip to the big apple. Uh...the end.

Here's a round up for consistency's sake. 

Mon - PowerOne Cycling am & 5mile run after work. 
Tues - Early morning 2450M Woohoo!
Wed - Couldn't wake up and pushed to evening...but then, I had to pack & tidy things before an early flight.  Wua-wuaaaa.
Thurs - Travel day plus a million walking miles
Fri - A gazillion more miles of walking (attempt at Peloton class, Fail)
Sat - Peloton class?  Um, no.  Fail....more walking.
Sun - 4.5 mile run in Central Park - hallelujah!! (the 5 Boro Bike tour was happening and I got to watch the cyclists go by...would love to do this one year! 40 miles, 5 Borroughs, 1 Day 0 cars)
So, skipping Wednesday was a mistake (see below) because I should have known better than planning TWO workouts on an indulgent weekend was going to be tough.  And when I say indulgent, I mean incredible meals once, twice and sometimes even 3 times a day!  Yikes!  At least I got the run in while everyone else was packing up and sleeping in.

Here's a visual of my week in Misfit language:
Reverse hump day on Wednesday, huh? Ha!  
And now we fast forward to race week.  THIS IS IT!  My sleep deprivation has caught up to me. And I just can't muster the energy to move.  At all.  I wasn't even considering a workout yesterday but the swim I planned this morning?  Uh...yea.  That didn't happen either.

It's early yet so I will find the will and way to get 'er done.  I'm hoping my "everything but the kitchen sink" smoothie will help!
Surprisingly delicious considering everything I threw in there!
Happy Tuesday all!!