Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 14 Recap

Last week in a nutshell:

Monday - Power one was canceled (we're assuming because our instructor was going away for Mother's Day weekend)  I was able to convince Rox to meet me and be my guest at lifetime for spin even though I'd never done it before.  It was fun and the workout, although not as intense as we're used to, did the job.  Interesting characters in class too...the guy next to me stretching his leg OVER the handlebars while wearing half a bottle of cologne was particularly amusing.

Tuesday  - I really didn't want to get up and hubby told me he was going to kick me out of bed.  I managed to negotiate cuddle time in lieu of workout IF I could get my swim in later. :) I swam 2500M. The first 400 were as if it were a race just to kind of see if I can break the jitters. Then a second 400. Followed by 100 kick & 100 pull. I decided to up my sets to 500 and use the MP3 player I had bought a while back to get me in the zone.  It seemed to work...I took it easy to just get comfortable going long...1st 500 14, 2nd 12:44, 3rd 12:43.  Next time, I'll try to add speed drills to improve power but for now just getting in the distance is enough.

Wednesday I had planned to run when I took my son to soccer tryouts across town. I figured I had a good hour to get it done but with the weather change (storms), venue and time changes, one thing led to another and I ended up in running clothes but not running. 

Thursday I knew I'd be chaperoning the seventh-grade trip to the beach so I decided I was going to go to the early barbell class which I had missed for the last few weeks. I felt pretty energized and decided to get a 5K in afterwards as well to make up for the missing run the night before.

Friday I decide to stay at work a little later than usual...I'm heading a big project and I'm feeling pretty good about hitting all my targets so I wasn't really rushing out for a workout.  I was shooting for a swim but I just didn't feel like packing up for the gym and dealing with traffic and parking so I jumped on the trainer for a good solid hour workout outside while the rain fell.

Saturday - no workout

Sunday - Lots going on around the house and it almost didn't happen but managed to get to the gym for another 2500M swim.  This time: 400 (incl 100 backstroke) 10:46, 400 (200p, 200k), 600 w music 15:33, 600 15:28, 500 12:46. Ran up to the treadmill for a quick 5k and got to watch end of the 3rd qtr of the Rockets Clippers game (up by 20 when I left....glad to know they closed it for the WIN!)

Weekly Totals:

Bike - 2 hours
Run - 6.2 miles
Swim - 5000M
Other - Strength Class
Approx time: 6-7 hours

Next week goals...getting something done everyday while hubby is out of town.

Have a great week all!!