Friday, April 19, 2013

Interruption to regular programming

Nothing like a baby's fever to bring a regular schedule to a screeching halt. The phone call that makes you move & leave those "to-do's" in the dust is the one from daycare.

Sometimes, however, this can be an opportunity as I can stay home with baby while she recovers and we can bond, play and I can catch up on chores. However, being up all night with late breaking news that has yet to end (thanks for waking me, honey) makes for an unproductive day at home on the chore front.

By early afternoon with a fever that just. won't. break. and a baby that was starting to get cranky from lack of sleep, I decided to take to the street.

As soon as I strapped her into the jogging stroller and we hit the driveway, she was out. It started as a walk but as the norm with me, it ended in a run. 4 miles through the neighborhood was the silver lining to the schedule shakeup. And really, after all the nerve racking news all day, I needed the peace and quiet.

Of note from this run was the reminder of my pregnancy that 1- breathing is a little more difficult 2- as soon as I head out, I had to pee and 3- hey! I see a tiny bump!

Back to the news and hopes that all this madness in Boston comes to an end soon and safely. The people of Boston could certainly use getting back to their regular scheduled programming as they've had their entire lives come to a halt while this manhunt is underway.