Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 17 Work out Wrap Up

It was a hectic Monday and I didn't get around to posting my 17 week wrap up.  This week was the first of, I'm sure, many to come where I have to improvise for changes in the schedule. Without further ado, here goes:

Monday - Lunchtime Aerial Tone class
Tuesday - I'll call it "Twowheel Tuesday"...a fun family bike ride (a little over an hour)
Wednesday - off (couldn't make it to Aerial Tone) :(
Thursday - missed Yoga at lunch but caught Aerial Tone with kiddo at night see here
Friday- off
Saturday- off
Sunday- 60 laps in the adult pool at club (25yd)

So you see, I missed two scheduled classes but managed to pick up an evening class and conveniently labeled the family bike ride a workout because...we could have all been on the couch watching tv, right?!  I knew it was a good workout when my kids start getting tired and complaining that their legs are sore.  Ha!  Plus, riding the mountain bike takes that much more effort than my road bike.  That thing is heavy!

I love this DoubleCam app! Takes a simultaneous pic from both front and back cameras of the iPhone.
Here I am following my little ducks (baby duck is in a seat in front of dad)
The weekend's plans were altered quite a  bit because of the buckets of rain that fell over Houston and by late afternoon Sunday, I was going stir crazy.  I patiently waited for my daughter to finish a school project and rushed everyone to get ready for the pool before it was too late.  Of course, upon arrival, the disappointing sign "Lap Pool Closed - Sorry for the Inconvenience"  just about brought me to tears. Waaaa! I had all my swim gear but didn't think to pack anything for a gym workout if need be. Bikini circuit training, I'm guessing, is frowned upon. ;)

I quickly dashed over to the adult pool and seeing that it was 1) open and 2) had lines on the bottom of it was enough for me to jump in and give it a go.  At first, I swam 50 laps.  Not knowing what the length of the pool was and not wanting to go *under* what I had done the previous two weeks was driving me a little crazy.  I pulled my portable computer to the ledge of the pool (i..e. iPhone) and looked up the club and it's pool stats.  I quickly learned that it is 25 yards versus the lap pool's measurements of 25 meters. I knew I would be short and when hubby walked by with the baby to check on me, I put him to work to do the math.  I figured an extra 10 laps would more than suffice and sure enough, with his research, I learned that I surpassed what I swam last week! Yay! (I really am that competitive with myself).

1 yard - .9144 meters.
60 x 25 yards = 1,500 yards x .9144 = 1,372 meters
That's 122 meters or almost 5 laps more than last week!

So...now, I KNOW that I can easily add laps without feeling like it's just too much and bonus, I learned that I have a backup pool if necessary.  Win-win! This week, I'll have to shoot for 1,500 meters. (What's another 5 laps, right? Totally doable!)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday on off to a great week!