Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16 Wrap Up

If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen.  "One day" or "next week" has fallen empty on me too many times where I just now know better.  The schedule will ALWAYS be busy and hours in the day will fall short but if you push hard enough, you will find a way to squeeze it in. That is, if you really want it.

I want it.  I need it. And I'm making it happen.  Week 16 has come and gone and my fitness goals were surpassed. Yay!  Here's a wrap up of how the week went:

Monday - Aerial Tone at lunch (adjusting the work schedule on both ends to accommodate)
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - AerialTone at lunch (different instructor, different!)
Thursday - Lunchtime Yoga (provided by our company, nice fringe benefit)
Friday - Unplanned 4 mile run (with baby in the jogger)
Saturday - off (though there were was plenty of running around going on)
Sunday - 1250m swim (early evening after all kiddo activities were complete)

Closing the week with a swim was not planned either.  We were all tired after a long day of activities but when the sun made a strong appearance, the big kids wanted to play in the pool.  It was painful, but I obliged by taking them to the club while hubby stayed home with the baby (and grocery shopped AND made dinner! Lucky me!).  I didn't pack a magazine or iPad or Nook...but boy, I didn't leave home with my swim bag with all my workout goodies. Clearly, I felt the week needed one last push before I put it to rest.  Also, I feel a whole less guilty coming home to all those chores done from having a workout done than simply lounging around. :)

I hadn't planned on going over the 40 laps I did last week but when I looked at the time and saw how well I was coming along, I topped another 10.  It wasn't too hard considering that every time I stopped, I began to shiver (temps were dropping and the water was warmer than the air out there...hence the goosebumps in the picture!).  

I'm ready to conquer week 17 and I'm wishing you a full, fit and happy week too!