Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Holiday-Flood-Teen-Birthday Week Round Up

To say this was a soggy week is an understatement.  Much of our beloved State of Texas was under water from unprecedented rainfall that began over the Memorial Day holiday weekend and into the next weekend.   In addition, our baby turned teen and her request for celebration was an overnight slumber party at the beach.   Flooding and beach weekend don't really go together so I waited literally, until the last minute to throw it all together.

Here's how the workouts faired considering all of that (oh and hubby traveled for half the week too)!

Monday - Memorial Day holiday...double up with a 1650M swim & 5k run w Rox (pre-rain)
Tuesday - is there such a thing as a negative workout? If so, today qualified as just that. Schools and the office was closed due to severe flooding in the city. I decided to be a complete & utter couch potato binging on hours of House of Cards with the hubby with intermittent child play. There was a moment when we considered "doing" something. I suggested a bike ride to get the babies to the park in the afternoon when things seemed to be drying out. Hubby took the baby outside to kick the ball and came back inside decidedly that he'd rather binge some more rather than bike ride (muggy and mosquitos were out like crazy!).  Later, I felt guilty and set up my bike on the trainer. However, after a few loads of laundry & building an enormous fort, I was good with letting the day pass without a workout. 
Wednesday- back to routine...1800m am swim (cut short when the flood alerts starting screaming out from my phone on the side of the pool!) + 3.5run before baby pickup (had to make up for Tuesday)
Thurs - hubby still out / hot yoga lunch
Fri - Half day but LOTS of Bday prep, squeezed in 2100M in the outdoor pool...the sun was OUT!! Yay! Had to skip out on run to get to niece's graduation party.
Sat - Galveston Bday weekend with 8 girls...that's enough of a workout! We lucked out with missing the rain...a storm threatened in the evening but never came. :) 
Sun - 5 mile run in am while teens slept, pool all day & 15.5 miles on the bike trainer in pm back home (in laws visited while I was on bike...probably thought I was nuts. I jumped off to walk them to their car towards the end & MIL said while looking at my legs "at least you're getting muscles" ha! At least I've got that. I'll take it! :)

Run - 11.7m
Swim - 5550M
Hot Yoga
Total time= ~ 8 hours 

Not too shabby all things considered.  Next week, decision time!!  Tune in to see if I pulled the trigger on turning this base building workout thing into something more official.

Have a great week all!