Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week 17

Again this week I tried to follow the training plan I will be using soon as a preemptive measure. My first thought is that it seems light to start which means good news, I've created a strong base for my starting point. Bad news, how incrementally challenging this plan gets may blindside me if I don't read ahead. Yikes. Secondly, I have decided that Monday rest days don't work for me. Just as before, it feels great Monday morning but by late afternoon, I feel like the week is already busted. I know, that's ridiculous thinking but such is my brain sometimes. 

For illustration, here is what the plan calls for:
This is how I altered it to fit my schedule/brain demands. ;)

M - Fine, I'll rest but I won't be thrilled about it. :/
T - 1800M and 4.5 mile run (because I felt behind). I was planning on running at least 6 but it got really dark out. 
W - Spin early morning & Hot Yoga at lunch (I love this class). Doubled up in case traveling hubby's schedule would creep up on me and I'd fall short. 
Th - morning & evening workouts were out w hubby gone & swim meet late  so the plan was to run at lunch. Had to run errands at lunch...thought run was scrapped. Late notice of canceled swim meet opened evening back up for run! 5.5 miles
F - morning plan to meet up w Rox for swim & run didn't work out so I knew I'd have to squeeze a lot into my afternoon. Went on a fantastic 23ish mile ride and was hoping for a swim AND run but project at work tied me up a little longer than expected. Settled for a half hour in the pool for 1100M (because I wasted another half hour searching for my goggles that my kids "borrowed". And subsequently lost. Btw, swimming in junior goggles is quite painful. My eye sockets are still sore. :/ 
Saturday - hubby is gone and the swim meet was rescheduled early. Plus, baby was up at 3 with a fever so I was guessing this would just be a rest day and at best, id get on the trainer during naps or late night. I lucked out that both babies went down for a hard nap and my son was willing to keep watch. 5 mile run!!
Sunday - I have surpassed the week's goals thus far by a 3 mile ride, 20 mins on the bike, .7 running mile, 500 swimming meters and a Hot Yoga class.  I think I'm good. :)