Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 16 recap

Week 16 was an odd one.  I loosely followed a training plan that has Mondays as rest days. Obviously, I started the week doing nothing.  This did not fare well with me.  I felt by Monday night that I was already behind in the week.  I am glad this was not an "official" start to training because I would have already failed miserably.  However, knowing my feelings about Monday, I know that I should alter the plan to better suit me.

There was a whole lot of stuff that happened and we are still in a place of uncertainty (mine, anyway) with regard to race registration, so the big "reveal" will come in a couple of weeks.  We want to be SURE that the route we are attempting to navigate is feasible before I start posting it all over the internets.

So the week's workouts ended like this:

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - 30/30 bike/run brick at lunch.  Two things:  1- mute texts & calls while running post drama filled morning. 2- Texas Summer IS HERE!  Riding my bike on the trainer in the backyard & running at lunchtime felt like I was doing so inside an oven.
Wednesday - Hot Yoga at lunchtime plus a quick 2 miles after work because I was feeling like that Rest Day on Monday was shorting me for some reason.
Thursday - School is officially out and with not having to get up early, well...I didn't.  By the time I did, I only had 30 minutes at the I swam 1000M and darted off.  On the positive, I swam in the outdoor felt like a mini vacation. :)
Friday - So not only is school out, the daycare was closed today too.  Hubby and I were going to either split the day to watch kids or...let the older kids babysit? Um.  All day?  No.  I decided to get my run in before work, shooting for a long run...maybe 8?  But then, a text that implied my presence was necessary for the other parent to leave the home base for work came through.  A quick sprint to finish at only 4.4 miles.  Sigh.  Half day of work and honestly, the rest is a blur.  I think there was some physical labor later in the day but I can't remember right now.
Saturday - BIKE RIDE OUTDOORS!! YAY!!!  Can you tell it's my favorite? I was really excited about a 'ladies' ride that was organized for Saturday morning weeks that I didn't think I would make because I was supposed to be in Austin for work for the week.  Lo and behold, things change and I did make it and it was fantastic.  28 miles, thanks to my friend's devices not crapping out mid way like mine, which by the way, I am so done with my Garmin 305.  I gave it yet another chance and it died mid ride.  In addition, I somehow got the arm of my cadence sensor moved while riding and at roughly 23 mph (Garmin was alive then), it clipped a spoke and went flying.  The sound it made beforehand however, scared the begeezus out of me thinking I had burst both of my tires. Luckily, that was not the case but it was definitely was cause for a pause.  
Boo hoo, wahoo. :/
While waiting for the group to reassemble (some were leaving, some adding on) I decided to Periscope the dam where water was being released post flood.  The funniest thing happend...a group of folks that seem to be part of some photography class asked if they could take my pictures.  As soon as I said yes, a dozen cameras went up and started clicking away.  It was a little weird and everyone that rode past probably wondered who the heck I was.  Haha.
My very own paparazzi.  Lol.  (screenshot from periscope)
My dad joined in towards the second half of the ride and added the power oomph to the workout. Calling him coach Joe would be appropriate as he had us do hill sprints at the park and ride ramp. Ouchy.
Heading back down the ramp to do it again.
That's a racing stripe on his jersey...hard to catch up to him.
 Sunday - I did a little swimming during "adult swim" at the pool.  And when I say a little, I mean almost not at all.  Of the 15 minute window, I spent a good 8 trying to explain to a 3 year old why she had to get out of the pool.  This obviously was not working out well so I let dad handle it and I literally, jumped in the pool and started swimming laps.  A measly 250M as I got caught up with a tri friend in the other lane and got to chatting.  Whoops.  I did learn that swimming in a salt water pool is much more enjoyable that chlorinated. I'll have to revisit that.
Later, while hubby was out riding with my dad (more on that later!), I decided to also get a run in to make up for the one cut short earlier in the week when he returned.  I was shooting for the 8 again but I lost light and it was getting late so I cut it to 6.  Too bad too because I felt like I could go forever. Oh well.  C'est la vie.

This was somewhat of a recovery week and because it was so confusing anyway, I didn't fret with how many hours or workouts I did.  I think I ended up with a decent week nonetheless.

Bike - 2 (28 miles  out + 30min trainer)
Swim - 1ish (1250M all outside)
Run - 4 (15.4 miles total)
Other - Hot Yoga + mountain bike with kids around the 'hood

Approx 7+ hours

Time to work on how week 17 is going to look.

Hope everyone has a great week!!