Friday, June 21, 2013

TGIF it's the 1st day of Summer and I'm All caught up! Here's week 24 update!

A week on vacation can go two ways.  A relaxing vacation lends itself to open times to run, ride a bike, go to the hotel gym or even take a class at a local gym or at the resort. A family, big city vacation is more the workout itself with nonstop walking, climbing stairs in and out of subways, lugging backpacks and strollers and always on high alert (count the kids, one, two, three, one, two....oh, there he is, three!).  This vacation was the latter.  Although I managed to squeeze a run in on the tail end of last week, my desire to run in the big apple fell flat.  I did run the gamut of the city on foot, nonetheless, walking everywhere from Battery Park, Tribeca, Soho, Midtown, Times Square and up near Central Park by the museum district.  I even set out my running clothes and gear every night (even after midnight at times) in hopes that a surge of energy would come at dawn to get me out there.  I was just TOO tired.  My legs were pooped.  I felt it especially on that last day when we climbed two flights of stairs out of the subway station to rush to meet our car at the hotel. I was completely out of breath!  What?!

In any event, my "official" workouts were scarce but if you've ever travelled with kids, three no less and one under the age of 2, you would agree that the word "vacation" is anything but and a  whole lotta work!

I'll make the wrap up a pictorial just to fill the space. :)

M Yoga Challenge - Frog at Manchester by the Sea, North Shore Boston

T Yoga Challenge - Twisted Root Side Crow in the hotel hallway (did NOT think I could do this)

W Yoga Challenge - Hollowback Handstand in hotel hallway after getting in trouble with security for trying to do in the ballroom hallway (hey, I wanted a different background for our pics)
Not much of a Hollowback - afraid to fall!
TH Yoga Challenge - Standing Backbend with NYC as a backdrop (breaking my kid of public shyness) & AntiGravity class! (also walking forever and a day).

F Yoga Challenge - Standing Pyramid on hotel room window ledge, not to mention walking a gazillion miles.

S Travel day but not before walking another gazillion miles and coming home to Yoga Challenge - Both Big Toe boat.  Baby wanted a piece of this action so I couldn't help but include her in the pics. :)

 S Father's Day! Spent a better part of the day working out the congestion that flooded the family from allergies (welcome back to HTown!), unpacking and laundry.  Also got a little family time in for Father's Day which the kids always enjoy (although it was miserable hot!) - Got the Yoga Challenge in too - Chaturanga.
So there you have it.  Not a great work out week, but quite an active one nonetheless.

Happy Friday and first day of summer!!  Hope everyone gets to go out and enjoy it and keep moving!