Monday, June 24, 2013

What week is this again?

Ah yes, week 25 and back to work and home from vacation.  Going to a new job is a funny thing.  All those routines we get comfortable in like driving to work on autopilot or parking in the same spot (so you don't lose your car every day) or even being so accustomed to the crappy coffee in the snack bar or walking distance to the copy machine and the bathroom are things we take for granted.   All of these new things to get used to makes this week hardly routine.  I've been trying a new route each day so when I hop in the car first thing, it requires a plan. The same goes for parking & the route home. Getting workouts in have been an adjustment as well.  I've managed to pack a workout bag every day, just in case I can get a workout in at the office gym over lunch (complete with showers, fancy new equipment and a view, thank you very much!) I still haven't quite got the day figured out to even remember to eat lunch much less get some exercise out of the way.  Thank goodness for evenings!
That's when all the workouts this week took place. Take a look, I'm feeling pretty accomplished!

M - Masters Swim 1250M - lots of friends were there so it was a total blast. Since we were caught up, we did the Yoga challenge for Tues. I had to find an alternative to the Bow pose with my belly bump so I did Half Bow.
T - 4.5M run - waited until sunset to enjoy a few degree cooler weather. The breeze and colors in the sky made it so enjoyable!
W - Masters Swim 1250M - thanks to my pal for watching baby girl since hubby had a late work night so I can get this one in. Friends there again, hopefully a sign of the summer...I like this! 
Yoga Challenge x 2 to stay on top of it,  post-swim.
Day 19 Upward Plank Variation
Day 20 Heron Pose
Th - AerialTone w my big girl - love the full body conditioning in this class. My body was tired & fatigued which made it that much tougher but pushed through. Still managed to do the Yoga Challenge for Friday - Grasshopper! So excited to have done this one...I never dreamed of being capable! :)
F - 16m bike - my new job affords me half days off EVERY Friday. I am so excited about this, I had to make good use of my first. Sidebar - GREAT first full week at work. Happy, happy, happy. Change does a body (and mind, heart & soul) good! :)
S - Off - Mommy & me swim & looooong day watching dodgeball tournament games & hanging by the pool. 
S - 2 days of tough Yoga Challenges to catch up on. Forearm Handstand (Pincha Mayusarana) for Saturday (day 22) & Forearm Backbend variation (Day 23) for Sunday. I have forgotten completely about the ab stuff because those guys are in the hundreds now.  I did the plank for 1:30 after the yoga challenges so that's something I can definitely hang my hat on. 

I won't lie, these two were the most terrifying of poses thus far.  The bottom half of my body is way heavier than my top so the idea of lifting that into the air, sight unseen, is scary.  My daughter was doubtful of her ability as well which gave me a little comfort.  That is until..."mom, I was testing the poses out, THEY ARE EASY!!"  Uh oh.  Her friend was over and the three of us all joined around to watch her, take her picture and then give me a pep talk about doing it.  Ugh. 

Nik Walenda was in the process of crossing the Grand Canyon on a tight rope and my nerves couldn't stand to watch that wholeheartedly.  I decided to warm up, stretch and practice while I listened a few feet away. The baby finds yoga practice time to be hilarious.  She loves climbing all over me like a jungle gym and actually getting "in" to the poses proves difficult at times without her getting upset. (someone has to peel her off me and hold her)  After playing with her some, and getting the girls to help/watch/snap pics during commercial breaks, I went for the handstand first.  Ooof.  I got real close to a door because the idea of flipping all the way back and landing ON my back was not at all pleasant. 

It was hardly perfect but I got those heavy legs up in the air and was able to hold the position long enough for a picture.  The practice in this usually comes after the fact, however.  Reviewing the photo and realizing something is out of alignment or there's a weird angle or gasp! it's blurry!!  The redo has always proved to be better which also proves...practice makes perfect!  I did the handstand a few times, my fear easing up with each push up of the legs.  The more I did it, the less heavy they felt.  The second pose, which starts off in a wheel position I thought was going to be easier.  Ha!  I guess in my head, I knew that I wasn't going to fully put my legs on the wall so all I *really had to accomplish was wheel.  I've done that million hard could it be?  My shoulders and back are SO tight that I could barely come down from the wheel pose onto my forearms.  In fact, I kept thinking..."how in the world does this work?  My arms can't move in that direction!"  The swimming and arm work from Aerial has had me sore (which I didn't notice) until I had to push my shoulders way back.  It was incredibly tight which made staying in that position really hard.  BUT!  While I was there, I was willing to give the leg up a shot.  I put one leg up and when I came out of the pose I was glad I could just check the box that it was DONE. 

I literally broke a sweat and was out of breath...I rested and looked at the pictures while Mr. Walenda continued his historic walk.  That's when I REALLY saw how bad my arms looked.  Ugh.  "That's all wrong!...we have to do it again!"  I showed my daughter and her friend what I meant by examining the instruction photo and my lame-o one.  She agreed to go back with her ol mom and redo the whole thing.  Here we go again...climbing baby and all, starting over with a mental picture of what I wanted.

I tried it again but those shoulders didn't loosen up enough over a commercial break.  I managed to pull up some and tighten the core enough to get BOTH feet up!!  I was so excited to see the picture and that it looked better than it felt.  I will have to try this again when I am not so tight and see if I can pull those arms back.  In the mean time, that sucker is done!!  Woohoo!! (and my daughter's friend decided to try it and totally nailed it!...I am so proud of her!)