Sunday, June 2, 2013

Playing catch up on week 22

As promised, I took my transition week and made sure to get back on the wagon. More changes are coming up next week which will put the program on a "see how it goes" basis. I managed to kick the week off strong by getting a workout in on a holiday. No easy feat I assure you, but so well worth it. Here's a snapshot of how my week went: Monday - Memorial Day! A full day at the club...bowling, dodgeball, pool fun in the sun, hanging out with friends and desperate plea..."can ya'll keep watch of the baby while I go swim?" Ooooh, what a party pooper mom I was! Haha. I managed a decent 1250M with only 2 interruptions of "how many more laps mom?...we are ready to go" D'oh! Talk about turning an already difficult swim into a sprint. Rush, rush, rush. Tuesday - A free day? What to do? Oh, not one to sit idle, I ran errands, had lunch with family, got some pampering mani/pedi time and then...I loaded up Blu and went out for a ride. How could I not?! It was such a fantastic opportunity! I went a little over 22 miles in honor of baby boy V and his 22 weeks of baking. It was a great ride and half way through I got caught in a rain shower that was absolutely exhilarating and refreshing! After such a great ride, I was ready to sit back and watch my 5th grader perform in the year end program. Wednesday - Another free day with more TexMex serving up at lunch so I thought I'd head out for a run in the morning. It was a tough one. I procrastinated and got about 4 loads of laundry done before heading out (I must have known how hard it was going to be). It was hot and humid and after such a long break since my last run, it was just hard to catch my breath. None the less, I got over 5 miles in...followed by chips n salsa, and a fajita taco and barely enough energy for my nephew's graduation and dinner. Pooped is an understatement for hump day. Thursday - My "baby" girl turned 11!! Another fantastic "free day" complete with a hair cut (lost about 5 lbs of hair!) and lunch at school with both my girl, my boy AND my hubby! A family affair over Subway and cake pops can't be beat. An early dinner at the restaurant of baby girl's choice meant no Aerial class. :( (two weeks without and I'm having some serious withdrawals) Friday - Volunteering for the 5th grade class at their graduating event should be workout enough right? A fun filled day at the University of Houston Recreation Center proved exhausting but I managed to get the kids to the club after school for some fun in the sun and with the intent that I could squeeze in another swim. A swim meet at the lap pool and live music and drinks at the adult pool kept me from my workout and I'm actually ok with it. I didn't leave the club feeling guilty or mad even that I didn't make it work somehow but rather...relaxed. It's pure joy to just sit and watch the kids play in the pool. Having the hubby and baby join later was icing. That kid is a water baby, I think. She dives in, holding her breath in anticipation of the cool water that will come over her head. She comes out with with her big eyes drenched and long lashes flattened against her face. I'm thinking she will be a challenge this summer since she appears to be fearless. I'll have to try to capture this on video or pictures, it is just too cute. Saturday - Off - too many errands to break away for a long workout but did start 2 different 30 day challenges. The first is an Ab challenge that a big group of friends are all doing. It starts off easy enough but the coming weeks look...well, let's just say that I may pull the "I'm pregnant" card and modify it. ;) The other is a Yoga challenge on Instagram. My daughter and I follow a group of yogi's on IG that have a monthly challenge with different poses. We attempt them from time to time but we've never tried doing (and photographing) every single day. We'll see just how far we get (it'll depend on how complex and crazy some of the poses are!) Sunday - Swimming was in sight as well as a family bike ride but more errands to run before a hectic week left me thinking that the Ab and Yoga challenge were all I was going to get in. It was late in the day when a window opened up and I laced up for a quick neighborhood run. I ran 3.5 miles and honestly, I was dreading it because the run earlier in the week was awful...the heat, humidity and the allergies I'm fighting make it so difficult to breathe that I just want to STOP. This is usually ok except it makes a quick run into a looooong drawn out one. Thankfully, this one went a whole lot better but it was still both hot and humid (and shorter too). All in all, I lost a little steam mid week but I think closing it off with a run makes me feel *a little* better. It's a big week around the household complete with new jobs, travel, graduation and the last week of school. I'm not sure how the workouts will pan out but I've got my fingers crossed that I can get creative enough to make something happen. At the very least, I have those 30 day challenges that will keep me honest and on my toes. Until next week, ~V