Thursday, May 30, 2013


Last week's exercise wrap up will be not of a physical sort (since I worked out zilch) but rather about exercising the ability and right to improve your mental and emotional status by implementing CHANGE. Change. Such a simple word but with such complex implications wouldn't you say? I made a life change decision last week. It was a stressful period letting one thing go but also an exciting one to embrace the next new thing. This current week, I am in transition. I wouldn't say limbo because I know where I am going and I know that it's going to be great. I pat myself on the back for having the courage to take the steps necessary to make that change happen. Many people don't do that. They fear the change, or really, the unknown so much that they rather stick with what they know indefinitely, even if it makes them miserable or they no longer find any joy in what they are doing. I found this great quote that I shared with a friend that is experiencing some of what I did: "Do not fear change. Change fear." - Karen Salmansohn I've learned many lessons and one is this: You don't HAVE to accept mediocrity, misery, judgment or drama because it's served to you. And with that, I'll just say that I had one too many servings and decided that was enough. I'm not interested in drama. I have a very full, fulFILLING and happy life to let miserable person(s) attempt to break me down over irrelevant, insignificant things. Life is too short, folks. Stay focused on the things/people that bring you joy...and if someone tries to stand in the way of that...I say, cut them OUT. I know how hard it is to make the move but boy once it's done, what a relief! So on week 21, I threw a big monkey off my back. It was a huge load off and a heck of a workout. ;) The baby bump is growing, the knot is my shoulder is slowing releasing and as my friend said just yesterday that I look radiant! (Not sure if it's the pregnancy, the monkey off my back or the fantastic skincare products I've been using...but I'll take it!!) :) I've been keeping busy during my off week to make up for all that lost exercise, a post on that coming next Monday. Yay for change and moving forward and upward. Til next week, keep your eye on the prize. ~V