Monday, May 13, 2013

Fighting for whats right...your right!

What have I been saying for the last few weeks?  If you want it, you make it happen, right?  If you want to have fitness, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, you find the time and juggle things around and sacrifice other not so important things to achieve it.  Right?

Well, what if with all the juggling and schedule shuffling to get it to where it finally works, someone stands in your way and says "you CAN'T do that"?  And the reasoning is no other than "if I can't do it, you shouldn't do it either".  Well...for a total of about 5 days, I thought that my regimen would have to go through a major overhaul and possibly be substantially cut back (before I and my body was ready to do so on my OWN terms).  And then I thought..."wait a minute, because someone tells me I can't, I'm going to stop? ...because it makes THEM feel bad that they don't make it a priority in THEIR life?...because their reasoning is exactly that: "I don't have time to workout and you shouldn't do it at lunch should work through lunch like me." Um. NO. I can't believe I let it take 5 days. 

I am entitled to do what I please on MY lunch break. That's why it's called a "break", correct? So, if I choose to eat out, eat at my desk, run errands or take a yoga class...the time out is exactly the same.  My activities are irrelevant.  ESPECIALLY since I have adjusted my schedule in advance to make up for drive time, etc.  Additionally, I will say that as a pregnant woman, at whatever number of weeks, sitting in a chair for a solid 8, 9, 10 hours straight is just NOT a good thing.  Every time I stand up, there is a symphony of pops in my hips and back and after extended periods, sciatica kicks in and misery is sure to follow (experience speaks here).

This is not my first rodeo.  I know what my body needs to feel strong, healthy and well to carry on with all the balls I have in the air.  Please don't stand in my way and take away my relief.  Exercise, especially when it becomes a habit or part of your lifestyle, is a necessary drug to keep the mind clear and the body in check.  You wouldn't skip brushing your teeth or taking your contacts out at night would you?  These are things that are required to keep the things moving like clockwork. Such is my routine...especially now that I have been so diligent about sticking with it and have been so proud to be able to be accountable, even for this blog and anyone that I could possibly inspire to get moving by reading it.

So I stood up and I fought for my right.  It was the right thing to do.  No one should be pushed off their path because it's not in line with someone else's path and especially if that path is not interfering with the path of others.  

So stand up.  Fight for it and you may just be surprised how quickly they step down and let you be. ;)