Monday, May 13, 2013

Tomatoe, Tomato 19 weeks, that's a wrap-o!

Goofy, I know.  I sign up for weekly pregnancy newsletters and I always find it kind of funny how they relate the size of your baby to a fruit or vegetable.  During my last pregnancy, I got the crazy idea of taking self portraits of my baby bump progress along with said fruit/veggie.  Some turned out cute, some were a total reach but when it became stressful to try to accomplish this EVERY week...I gave up.  The frustration to find that special produce item that sometimes was not in season that if you did happen to find, would go bad if you bought too early was unnerving.  I should also mention what anyone that has ever attempted at GOOD self portraits already know...they are a total pain the rear.  Being your own art director, set designer, and being on both sides of the camera is a challenge especially when you move out of position to see how the last shot turned out.  Thinking about it makes me break a sweat (or reminds me of the hot days when I was shooting in the sun outdoors!) It was easy to give up too, since my bump really never made a significant appearance until the end the pregnancy.  Honestly, it was pissing people off to see how small I was when I was that far along (it's not my fault, people!).

In any event, it's week 19 aka Heirloom Tomato(e) workout wrap up time....

Monday - 4 mile run after work...passed on Aerial Tone (I was in the 5 day zone, more here)

Tuesday - Parenting solo on a hectic work/school/special event type day.  OFF!

Wednesday - Didn't pass on Tone...just could not get there. Frustratingly off. :(

Thursday - Double duty...Lunchtime Yoga (discovered that side crow is way easier than frontal crow...although I did accomplish it) & evening Aerial Tone (hallelujah!!)  I have never been so grateful for my kid's persistence. Another great workout here and a reminder that if I stick with ONLY once a week, I'll sorely pay for it...pun intended.  I really love this class and watching all the other classes that take place along side (Lyra, Aerial Fabric, Trapeze) is really motivation to get flexible and strong so that I can participate in those post-baby.
Inverted Duo
Friday - Off

Saturday -  Never got around to doing any exercise but did catch the Spring Show at Vault/GyrotonicHouston.  They did demonstrations of what each class entails starting with the kids level.  My kids were in total awe (and I KNOW they could totally do it too).  They followed the demonstrations with a recital of sorts performed by the teachers and even some students.  It was eye opening to know that the majority of those performing were not gymnasts, dancers or aerialists by trade but rather, doctors, lawyers, marketing executives and such.  So inspirational and motivational to know that I amongst them and working towards achieving those levels of performance.  Their next show is in December and we already know that the very least, my daughter wants a piece of that action.  I'm not sure what condition I will be in physically by then, but the idea of a mother/daughter demonstration is pretty darn cool if you ask me.  We'll just have to wait and see how the cards fall between now and then.

Sunday - Mother's Day!  I didn't have the heart to push and let my family know that I really wanted to get my swim in or that..."hey guys, it's beautiful outside, let's go for a ride!" because well...eyes would be rolling. I know it.  Instead we just played the day by ear and got a great breakfast together, shopping and some good fun family time with cousins that included a pretty exciting kickball game.  I will call it an official holiday rest day. :)

So, only 3 workouts in this week but some pretty great family time and other exciting things happening that filled up the week and made it a great one.

Off to week 20...the halfway point where we go...bananas?