Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ooooh, we're halfway there...

20 weeks!

I wish I could say I really knocked out the workouts this week but really what I did was work crazy hours.  I'm not all thrilled about pulling 70 hours this week, especially in a chair.  Every time I stand up I feel a delicate balance between pulling my back out and being perfectly okay.  It takes a few gingerly taken steps to get into a "normal" stride.  Until that is, the next time I have to stand up.  I fear that one of those times will be the one where a loud "OW!!!" will come from my office.

That's my only complaint.  Not bad, I'd say. So with that, here's the 20 week wrap up:

Monday - Yoga at lunch. So glad they moved the day, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to do it at all.

Tuesday - Long work hours.

Wednesday - Long work hours.

Thursday - Broke out of the office with just enough time for Aerial Tone! SOOOOO happy about it! (it's not lost on me that I just a jail reference, btw)  Anywho...our teacher, Lori, switched up the curriculum and it was an intense workout!  We did a series of one legged and varied plies and releves (ballet moves consisting of squatting and lifting at the toe) that had my feet screaming.  Those tiny little muscles that help you balance in your feet and toes were getting a beating like they've never experienced before.  Two days later my feet felt fine but I felt I had baseballs for calves.  (Honestly they still feel a little tight).  We also did a fantastic conditioning move for that muscle that runs directly over the spine, by balancing in air with the fabric wrapped around the hip.  I need to keep practicing getting in and out of this move as it take fancy footwork to wrap your body in the fabric and then flip upside down so that you are in an airplane type position (hovering parallel to the ground, face down).  The object is to let go of the fabric (which you hold like you would a swing) and put your arms out, like an airplane and arch your back as far as you can.  Here's the best picture I could find of it (the fabric is wrapped around the waist here whereas our hammock, once flipped was in the lower hip area, whereby requiring a more drastic arch to balance) From Aerial_Wiki:

Friday - more work...

Saturday - Summer has officially arrived with temps in the high 90s.  Took a break from work and headed to the pool with the family.  After splashing around and relaxing for awhile, I decided to get my work in.  1250M complete which seemed harder than it had been all these previous weeks.  I'm guessing the sun took a toll on me and wore me down.  Nonetheless, it's done!  Here's a cool pic my daughter took with my iPhone.

1250M swim at 20 weeks
(side story...my phone was in a LifeProof when this and other pictures/videos were taken...everything seemed fine until morning when Siri just started having conversations with herself.  After a few hours of listening to her nonsense and realizing my home button was defunct...well, long story short, I have an iPhone 5. And just like any other rattling sound in a car when it goes to the mechanic, the original phone works perfectly fine AFTER the purchase was made while STILL. AT. APPLE.  Same daughter has already claimed possession of the "damaged" phone.  Sigh.)

Sunday - work, work and more work.

So you see, I'm not exactly thrilled with my exercise accomplishments this week, however, I did get a few other things done that I am pretty excited about (and I don't mean the phone upgrade either - but thanks to my honey for treating me to it!).

20 weeks down, 20(ish) to go!  Here's to a productive and fit week 21...wish me luck!