Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poof, there goes week 18!

Just like that, another week has gone by and I am beginning to finally see a bump and also...FEEL pregnant.  Just last night, I jumped out of bed to check on the baby and whoa, Nelly!  My hip popped and my legs felt like they weren't attached to the rest of me.  I needed a few steps to um...wobble into a normal stride. Oh boy.

Nonetheless, I will continue to keep my fitness levels in check but most importantly, read the signs of my body and know when to pull back and take it easy.  Here is the run down on how last week went:

Mon - I had an early doctor's appt so I had to pass on Aerial class so I went for a 5 mile run after work.  For the 1st 5k of it, I ran with my son and pushed the baby in the jogging stroller.  I found a nice perk to this is that we could take turns  pushing the baby and he now has a new found respect for his mama...that thing hinders speed FOR SURE.  (Hence why he only hung for the first 3 miles...he was pooped!)

Last Monday, at 18wks2days, baby bump still in hiding...
Tues - off

Wed - Aerial Tone at lunch...I had the instructor all to myself so she was able to do extra modified moves just for a private lesson! Sweet!

Thurs - I did double duty here...Lunchtime Yoga at work (I was the only one in class that was able to do the "Side Crow"...on both sides!! Yay!!)  and then Aerial  Tone in the evening.  My daughter's first words when I got home from work were "are we going tonight?!"...she pumped her brother up about it and really, I had no choice.  I was a little nervous about bringing them both and having them be a distraction but ironically enough, the threat of NEVER, EVER coming back there if so much I heard a peep from them kept them on their best behavior for a solid hour.  I couldn't help but enjoy the play time and monkey swinging free time at the end of the session with them.  Honestly, although my body was pooped, the time I spent with them is absolutely priceless. sister thinks I am the coolest mom ever and by the way my kids have told all their friends, I'm thinking they do too. :)
My favorite pigeon pose on the top right and some fun moves at the end of class with the kiddos (while I can)...I spy itty bitty baby bump! :)

Fri - off

Sat - off and the 1st time I felt HUGE.  My jeans felt tight and my hubby grinned all day about how my belly bump was protruding. We were supposed to go on a family bike ride (the weather was AMAZING) but our errands consumed the day and before we knew it, it was time for IRONMAN 3!  Fun!

Sun - Another gorgeous day and I was feeling antsy that we wouldn't get out there again because of a soccer game right smack in the middle of the day.  Getting 5 people in sync for a bike ride outside the neighborhood takes some juggling and when the baby fell asleep for a nap, I thought my outdoor activities were doomed for  the day. Luckily, my awesome husband stepped up and offered me a golden ticket..."you go, enjoy it, I don't want you to feel bad" I was hesitant and guilt started to wash over me but when he said "you better go before you run out of time!" I quickly packed up my gear and headed out.

I took Blu (my beloved road bike) out for a gorgeous ride from the club onto the trail and ran into a couple of friends that are training for a long ride next weekend.  They were on their way back and had already logged in 42 miles! ...I decided that at 8 miles, it was as good time as ever to turn back and ride with them for a bit.  I totaled 14 miles back to the club and quickly changed into my swim gear and worked on my laps.

Those first 10-15 laps are the hardest.  The water is cold, my body was cold and I was just plain 'ol tired.  But once I got warmed up, the laps came easier and easier.  I was shooting low because of the bike ride but managed to keep it at 50 for a 1250m swim.

My friend and I upon meeting on the Terry Hershey Trail. (I need a new helmet) 
Not bad for a prego mama, huh? Hopefully, I can keep it going!