Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bloggin' from the where?

I'm multi-tasking!! :)

As I sit in the salon chair, I was thinking of my swim tomorrow and how ummmm...that's NOT happenin'! My hair is absolutely fried and in much need of TLC. Ugh. Granted, I'm not a very high maintenance hair gal (i.e. Lose track of time since my last hair appt) and I just learned I was here last NOVEMBER. That's just crazy talk, y'all. 

I know all the time in the pool hasn't helped either. I've searched high and low for something to put on my head to save my locks from frizzdom every time I go for a swim but nothin'. I may just to invent such a thing. Necessity is the mother you know. 

In the mean time, I've learned I should wet my hair with fresh water and put in leave in conditioner before I swim. This is supposed to lock the hair follicles and prevent the chlorinated water from getting in there. I will try it but that is extra steps to a workout that I already am iffy about. Meh. 

Any tips, tricks or products you care to share, I'm all ears! 

Tabling the pool 'till the mini indoor tri this Sunday. I gotta preserve the new do! Priorities! :)

Hope to hear from you! (And thanks for coming by again and again) ;)