Monday, April 27, 2015

Recovery week wrap up

I cried "uncle" this week. Lack of sleep must have caught up to me because I just felt under motivated and tired. I listened to the signs and called it a recovery week mid week. It seems to have worked because I feel way better!

Here goes:

Monday - Power One Cycling - killer hill interval workout (early morning after a long swim night before). 
Tuesday - Skipped early wake up to swim so made it up with a quick 5k late afternoon. 
Wednesday - another skipped morning so I called it a rest day. 
Thursday - Hot Yoga at lunch (because again, I couldn't get up in the morning)
Friday - 30+ miles w dad aka cycling phenom. I'm not ashamed to say that I have a hard time keeping up after hearing the dreaded 4 words: "Stay on my wheel".  He just puts on the turbo boosters and he's gone.  It's truly a struggle to stay on the wheel to draft.  He's an inspiration and I loved our bonding time together doing what he loves best.  I always come away with great tips be it on form, power, nutrition or on ways to improve efficiency while in the saddle.  I'm hoping we can make this a regular outing. 
Me and my bro...I mean, dad! :)

Saturday - rest 
Sunday - Indoor tri - see recap here

Next week,  a concentrated & condensed workout week due to travel. Next Tri coming up May 9th! Open water! Ahh!

Have a great week!