Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mid Week Motivation - Don't Quit!

Thoughts of the race and some of the difficulty I experience allowed self doubt to creep in.  I've manage to swing out of it by getting a daily workout in.  This morning's was the toughest.  Getting up early for a pool swim wasn't all that fun of a notion.  I always feel more enthusiastic about my morning workouts the night before...the not so fun notion feeling was dread by morning when my virtual workout buddy texted and the alarm went off soon after.

Ugh.  I procrastinated getting up.  I procrastinated getting ready.  I procrastinated leaving the house.  I even wondered "am I really ever going to get where I envision?" "is this a realistic goal?" "should I just quit the whole thing and go back to bed?"  I knew the answers to all the questions.  I am a positive, strong minded person so of course, I knew that was just the fear of failure creeping in to rattle me a bit and I just had to kick it to the curb.

I procrastinated getting out the car at the gym.  But I did.  I found a lane, set up and got in to that cold water.  I didn't procrastinate to start though.  I had a workout to follow and off I went.  Y'all it was SO good.  So very good that I was sad it was over.  WHAT?  Yes, I was sad it was over.  My breathing was rhythmic the drills were feeling effective and I was imagining swimming in a lake for a long distance and how that would go.  Progress!  I realized that I had procrastinated over a half an hour of my workout away where I could have actually finished all 2300M had I started on time. Shame on me but yay me for showing up and getting some of it done. 1650M!  One mile swim before 6:45am and lots of positive vibes and hope coming out of the pool.  I am looking forward to my next swim! it is.  It's hard and it sucks at times but gosh the redemption of success when you follow through is SO worth it!  It's that carrot dangling out there that lets you touch it every once in a while in hopes you can grab it.  Keep reaching, you'll get there!

Go out there and get moving!  Happy hump day!

Valerie :)