Monday, April 6, 2015

Creating a Virtual Workout Buddy System

The way last week started, it could have easily turned into a rest WEEK.  After the Tri on Saturday, I rested on Sunday and really had not set any gameplan on how the rest of the week would go.

Thankfully, my buddy Rox reached out late Sunday to ask about signing up for our indoor cycling class at PowerOne.  She and I always have a hard time syncing our schedules to workout together but we don't stop trying!  Our latest thing is to be each other's "virtual" workout buddy. We give each other a rough outlook of the workouts in the week ahead and then we keep tabs on each other daily to stay accountable and on track.  So if she tells me she's got bootcamp at 5, I'm getting a text at 4:30am telling me that she is on her way and waking me up for my barbell strength class.  I'll text in her return when I'm done with my class.  We never want to keep anyone hanging so getting a "text of shame" asking if you actually DID make it is a no-no.  ;)  It's been a week and so far, it's been working!  This Monday morning cycle class is the only one we seem to both be able to make and very unlikely for either of us to miss.  It is AWESOME.  I'll have to write up on that soon.

Monday's morning class and our induction of the buddy system was the catalyst needed to put the week on track.  This is how it played out:

Monday - PowerOne Cycling
Tuesday - Tested the "text of shame" theory (we both did)...missed my morning swim but made up for it with a late 4 mile run.
Wednesday - Procrastinated as I discussed on a different post but swam 1650M and regretted the hesitation.
Thursday - 5:30am Barbell Strength class at the gym (this was my first time and would prove to keep me sore, well...still a little sore.)  :)
Friday - Planned to swim early but skipped the alarm since I was off from work and could get it in later in the day.  Hubby decided last minute to head to office.  My plan was toast.  Called it a reluctant rest day. 
Saturday - Morning swim...this time to finish the entire workout I had intended on Wed.  This particular workout looked appealing to me specifically because there were drills included that I had not tried before.  The link, from Triathlete Europe magazine, includes three different workouts.  I did the shortest which I have attached here, which by the way, is the longest ever swim for me! Descriptions of the drills are included and I found them incredibly helpful.  That No Walls drill was challenging and probably looked silly to get to the wall and suddenly stop, tread water and go again but I could tell it was working the endurance.  Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Thanks to  Tri Swim Coach for providing link to this on FB.
Sunday -  I was hoping to meet up with Rox sometime in the evening for a run after Easter plans but as it turned out, hubby offered to run with me!  I hadn't heard from her and it was getting late so we decided to just go.  I am happy to report that he 1) didn't leave me in his dust (cause he's fast and gifted to be so without TRYING :\  ) and/or 2) didn't slack and slow me down either haha.  Also happy to learn that the big kids not only babysat the littles while were out but ALSO bathed them AND cleaned and picked up the common areas too!! WHAT?!

The weather was perfect and the company even better...a solid 5 miles to finish the fly-by-the-seat week! :)

It wasn't exactly a "training" plan but it was a get your butt moving and blood pumping plan that worked.  Off to start a new week and set a game plan for this week (to share with Rox) with my breakfast in tow: Cucumber pineapple smoothie, yum!

Cucumber, Pineapple, Banana, Coconut Water, a lil honey & ice.

Happy Monday, all!!