Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Let Me Be Your Case Study

You know those people who come to you for advice and after you've given it, they do something completely different?  Yea, that was me.  To my own advice!
Ha! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Lol!
I decided to ignore the "conversioning" tips I was so kind to provide on my prior post on lessening the pain of getting that early morning workout in.  It wasn't really on purpose or for the sake of this post but since it turned out the way that it did, I decided to make me an example of what NOT to do.  You're welcome.

I didn't let Monday be a rest day because I kept hearing "Never Skip Mondays" in my head.  Despite that of course, that only means if you didn't do a dang thing for the last 7 week days, but nonetheless, I did something.  I pulled a couple of workouts from the Nike Training Club app and then jumped on my trainer for a heart pumping, sweatfest half hour.

I got in bed knowing that I REALLY needed to get a swim in early in the week.  But also knowing that I REALLY didn't wanna (anti-psyching myself out, rule one broken).  I also got in bed not knowing where in the heck my swimsuit was (hamper?, workout drawer?, dryer? swimsuit drawer?). Meaning, I have already broke the first two rules of morning get yo butt up readiness! No clue where your gear is?  C'mon, lady! I told hubby, "meh, I'll figure it out in the morning" and he teased "I'll get up and run with you" (knowing this will get me off the swimming hook) and within 30 seconds I went from happiness to oh, crap he's totally pulling my leg.  :/

I woke up with the alarm and did text my buddy to make sure SHE was getting up for HER swim. Ahem. I had zero motivation to get up and snoozed away.  Apparently, she felt the same way because she didn't respond for another hour!  Ha!  So, the buddy system too, failed.

The whole morning was set in motion in cuckoo mode.  Because now, along with all the other morning rush must do's, I have to play catch up and be prepared for the opportunity of a Tuesday workout.  Pack a breakfast, lunch and a workout bag (putting together all the gear!) cause...you never know!

So, all this to say:  "Do as I say, not as I do!"  The tips work, y'all!

Tomorrow:  SWIM!! For real.

Have a good one!