Monday, April 13, 2015

Finish Strong

Almost forgot to update the prior week!

I started the week in a bit of a daze.  I signed up for my Monday morning class on Sunday night and had no other goals for the week until late Monday when I just decided to jot something down:

5100M Swim
2:10 Bike
10M Run
1 Strength Session
1 Yoga Session
1 brick Session

I knew the swim would force me to get into the pool at least 3 times which is what I really needed to do.  The mileage was very conservative since I had injury concern (more on that later) and everything else was more of a wish list (and cheating some knowing that the Cycling class already covered half my goal for the week)

This is how it played out:

Monday - PowerOne Cycling
Tuesday - Early morning swim in the "short" pool.  I didn't want to intrude on the Masters class already in session.  After a little math coversion in the office, I came out to a 1770M swim.
Left work a bit early to take son to practice and realized that I had a small window....OPPORTUNITY!!  I ran 4 miles!
Wednesday - I was planning an early spin class but snoozed one too many times.  Took advantage of the inadvertent switch up and went to Hot Yoga at lunch.  I felt redeemed!
Thursday - Last week was so good, I had to go back...early morning Barbell Strength at the gym!
Friday - Make it or break it day...if I didn't get it in early, it wasn't going to happen on this super busy day.  I managed 1600M swim followed by 15 minutes on the spin brick!
Saturday - This was going to be a rest day but I realized I still had too many things on the goal list not checked off.  So while babies napped, I jumped on the trainer for an hour then quickly laced up and went for a quick 2 mile run.  (they were awake by then but hubby was home) Another baby brick!
Sunday - day?  NO.  Rearrange and organize your entire house day? YES.  How did we accumulate so many toys and J U N K??  Ahhh!!  I sorted through EVERY bin, box, cubby and basket.  Put all like things together, collected outgrown "baby" toys and threw a bunch of odds and end crap away.  I visited with in-laws who came over for awhile and my first outing of the day was to pick up my daughter at Cotillion at 8pm.  PM!  When I set my mind to work on something...I. DON'T. STOP.  Hubby made us all super yummy shrimp pasta dinner and after the company was gone and the kitchen was clean, I decided...I still have time to reach my goal!!

I tried to convince my buddy to join me for a late swim but she couldn't get away.  So I packed anything I could possible need and headed out.  1800M followed by a super fast 5k on the treadmill! Brick!! I was walking out of the gym at 10:45PM but felt accomplished!

This is how turned out:

5100M Swim - 5170M check!
2:10 Bike - 2:15 bike check!
10M Run - 9.3 miles - almost there...whawhaaa
1 Strength Session - 1 - check!
1 Yoga Session - 1 - check!
1 brick session - 3 - check, check, check!!

I came close to the meeting the mileage goal but with the slight overages everywhere else, I'm gonna call it square.  And of note, NO rest days!  I'd say I finished the week strong!

So, since my Power class was cancelled this morning (I was relieved actually) I just may not do anything tonight. (But I probably won't)

Time to set this week's goals!

Talk at ya later!